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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Sri Lanka

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By Anonymous , 08-07-2006

Surfing in Arugum Bay - Tamil tigers - To whom it may concern.

I just need to set the record straight for anyone who is thinking about planning a surf trip here. No doubt you have heard loads of horror stories by now about Tamil tigers and bombs which has really detered you from wanting to go.

Its all rubbish

I have heard all the stories before I came here too and was ready to cancel my ticket. Ive been here now for 4 weeks now and been all around this place in supposed Tamil territories and seen nothing. The supposedly suicidal journey here was breath-takingly beautiful and far from dangerous and the killing stories which are true are involving military personel only. The tigers have no interest in foreigners at all. Trust me, The last thing they want to do is involve foreign countries so they dont get wiped out!

Anyway, the surf's good and as a result of noone coming here its also not crowded. result.

Any other queries -

By sars , 17-06-2006

site with recent info - check out the lonely planets (travel guide books) website and go to the thorntree forum. there is lots of recent messages about safety in sri lanka from people just returned. sounds mostly ok if you stick to the south west and do not venture north of puttalam, anuradhapura, or nivaleli. but why would you want to go there anyways if you're surfing!

By Send mail to , 13-06-2006

NEED HELP URGENTLY - I also have the tickets for the 4 of july and my travel agency has just told me that you cant leave the hotel from 6 p.m.!!What does thatr mean?? I mean, Id dont want to leave the hotel at that time (because its night time) but if it is prohibited does it mean that the situation is really bad??Im going with my girlfrien and I really dont want nothing bad hapenning to her!!Do these Tiger people respect the surfers or do they want us out?? I need help in deciding wether I should go or not!!!
Please send message to, cheers I really apreciate the help!!!

By , 13-06-2006

Thinking of going to Sri Lanka in Late Sept to Oct - My wife and I are looking at going to Sri Lanka Late Sept to October. Was wondering where the best surf in likely to be? We are from NZ do we need Visas? Is it easy to hire boards, or can you buy them there, and how much? Can you buy booties aswel? We are heading down though India from Nepal.

By Anonymous , 12-06-2006

Safe or not?? - Who knows you could go there and have a great time or you could run into trouble, just depends if you want to go or not and take the risk! There is no denying that there are serious problems in Sri Lanka at present and last week the LTTE walked out of the peace talks in Oslo again so that means that the problems has been exacerbated and the chance of more problems is a reality. It is like anywahere else like south Africa, if you to the wrong places you will get mugged or worse it is no diffeent here. Exercise a high degree of caution and be careful.

By , 12-06-2006

so is it safe or not? - So, is it safe or not to go to a-bay this summer? What are the effects of the whole gov-LTTE situation in a-bay? I already have the plane tickets to go there from 11 july till 9th of august, but I'm worried wether its safe there now or not...

If someone could clear things up for me that'd be cool.. thnx

By , 03-06-2006

lonly boy - hey,

i am from germany but now i am working in chennai (india)
before i`ll go back to germany i`ll take a trip to sri lanka
at the 2 last weeks of july...

anyone has a good adress where to stay nice and cheap?


feel free to email me!!!

By , 01-06-2006

Sri lanka in july - Hi!!!
I will go to Sri lanka for surfing next month. I travel alone, I stay in Sri lanka 2 july- 24 july. If somebody want travel with me, contact with me.
Other thing: Where is the best surf in this season? Only A bay? And the other spots? How is the situation in this moment? Is safe to travel alone? Thank you and good waves!!!

By anonymous , 01-06-2006

it is not really safe at the moment - 13 civilians were killed in a national park a few days ago by claymore mines set by

By , 29-05-2006

Re to Need Help: surfing Crocodile Rock, Pottuvil - Crocodile Rock is not working. Pottuvil is fine, when the swell is right, it is a real classic. July should be a good time, but check with the mambo boys, they will give you a update on how the waves are. Moreover check the wave forecast at
Should anybody have questions,(Arugam bay) dont hesitate to email.

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