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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Sri Lanka

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By Flash , 23-05-2003

Surfing Arugam Bay - To surf Sri Lanka a normal short board is more than sufficient and bring along spare wax/leggie/etc. Arugam Bay is a small fishing village and if there is no surf, you will get board pretty quickly. The surf spots around Arugam Bay are not effected by tides, you will not know low from high. To get to Arugam Bay takes an exhausting van trip, break it up if possible as the average speed the drivers do is about 60kph due to the potholed roads. The points around Arugam Bay are great, long walling waves and easy take offs, however there tends to be alot of beginners (Europeans) in the line up that crowds the take off zone. Do not expect to get barrelled, just surf down the line. Note, if you like hot curries, you need to order at lunch time. Take a side trip from Arugam Bay and see the elephants, they are worth it.

By , 21-05-2003

Best Place to surf... - Hiya all,

The best place to surf is in the Sri Lankan east coast. Its called Arugam Bay and considered one of the finest places to surf in south-east Asia. unfortunately, its hard to travel to the east coast. the best way to travel is to go thro the hill country with a nites stopover.

Anyway the trip is well worth it if you want to great surfing spots, secluded beaches and a relaxing atmos. you can rent all surf gears in Arugam Bay. nice places to stay also.

try for more infomation.

By anonymous , 15-05-2003

right on man !!! - I fully agree Bret.
Arugam Bay is not a good idea at all.
I had many flat days there and it was always crowded.
I'm heading to south africa this winter and gonna get
more waves, more chiks and heaps of uncrowded spots.

By Peter King , 15-05-2003

Arugam Bay - I recon the best time to go is March-April.
less crowds and clean swells.
June and July were shit ! and too many crowds.

By John , 15-05-2003

surfing arugam bay - Beatifull place and nice locals but too many israelies
and not enough waves...

By Bret, Australia, , 15-05-2003

A-Bay not worth it ! - Stayed in Arugam Bay for 2 months last year (June-July).
If there is surf it's always very small and soft and the
place is just packed with surfers every day.
If you are not a learner and want some decent waves
go somewhere else.

By Paul , 26-03-2003

Bentota - I'm staying around the Bentota from mid April for about a week before heading into Central Sri Lanka. I can't find any info on breaks in that area. From the map, I can see there are a couple but has anyone got any info what they're like.

By god , 10-03-2003

no title - less agro guys, or no good surf in heaven for you

By Nick , 10-03-2003

Boards - I'm heading to Sri Lanka surfing next week and am wondering what boards to take. Does anyone know if it's worth taking a gun this time of year? I will take a 6'6" but not sure if that is enough? Any advise much appreciated


By ash-guest staying at , 03-03-2003

sri lankan surf trip - been here for 5 weeks-good waves early every day.midigama right nice and hollow!uncrowded.very friendly people.very cheap-staying at surfers dream guest house in midigama,4 rooms,very very good food,lovely people,an excellent spot to park to escape the english winter.oh,and within 5 mins walk,there are 4 other spots for varying board types and ability.the best spot in sri lanka for sure!!!!!!!!

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