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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Sri Lanka

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By anonymous , 31-12-2003

Oh yes! - I'm coming out in two days for some warm waves. How has the surf been?

By H. , 29-12-2003

Buying a board - I'm heading to Sri Lanka in March '04 from Oz, but I will be Nepal & India before that. I'm not taking my boards as I want to buy one when I get to SL. How much can I expect to pay? Is the range good? Are the boards good? Is Hikkaduwa the best place to buy one?

By anonymous , 23-12-2003

Surf in India ? - There's surf in Sri Lanka, but what about India ?

By Mr. appologetic , 17-12-2003


In the same time i will have to agree the place (A bay) is fucked... (yes by the israelies and the rest of the crowds). I first traveled to the bay in the early 90's when the place was warridden and i have to say it was gr8 to have the point to yourself and a few other mates, no hassles. Then just leave your board in Opalies shak (RIP to the sound of the Rolling Stones). As far as the israeli issue goes the best way to deal with them is just explain to them without getting too upset, the little cunts need a bit of aducation about surf atiquet. Then you are most likely to score a good joint later.
Overall even among the "tuned" israeli surfers is that the place is fucked and they dont go there inc myself for the last 7 years eventough i am thinking to go there in 04 for old time sake. Again appologies In the name of the Israeli nation.

By anonymous , 11-12-2003

Thanks - Thanks

By anonymous , 05-12-2003

no title - forgot theres no link to Villa Gaetano - check out

By anon , 05-12-2003

surfers dream - I went to Sri Lanka for the 1st time last February for a month and ended up staying for nearly 2! There are some great spots to be had - altho after mid morning the onshore breeze usually gets up - dawnies are a must so dont stay up drinking all night! Awesome people, amazing food - watch yourself on the roads! Go to Hikkaduwa if u wanna pose or surf with shit loads of people - my advice, search to the west of Galle - no break names but Midigama is great place to base yourself. I recommend Villa Gaetano or Surfers Dream in Midigama - run by Gamini and his family the two guesthouses are extremely well run, clean, super friendly, and with service thats second to none (check it out on wannasurf accom)...

By Mr. Fonea , 03-12-2003

Not all of us are bad - I could not help reading the bad criticizm on Israeli's surfing around the world. I have surfed Fiji, Oz, Teneriff, US and many other places in the world. Everywhere i got, i had good friends in and out of the water. NOT ALL Israelis are assholes, this is just a prejudice. Assholes can be found all around the world so making inclusion about all israeli surfers is wrong attitude.
Assholes can be found everywhere so

By anonymous , 02-12-2003

remember the stoke - went to Arugam Bay four years ago and found the waves really fun - really improved my surfing as previously had only surfed
Sydney beach breaks. In five weeks only dropped below shoulder high on one day, so pretty consistent, although onshore usually comes up at about 11am.
Sad to hear that the etiquette of Israelis has still not improved, as even then they helped create a dog eat dog attitude at times out in the water. Respect the locals and the expats who have been coming back for years, but as surfers we should try and remember that it's all about the stoke.

Arugam Bay - twin peaks by the sea

By , 01-12-2003

Renting or buying a borad - Hi,

I am heading to Sri Lanka tomorrow. I am a beginner surfer and would like to know how easy, hard it is to rent or buy a surfboard there?

thanks in advance,

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