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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Sri Lanka

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By anonymous , 02-07-2004

Strange - I still don't get why so many surfers go to Sri Lanka. It's far, costs a lot to get to, crowded, and the surf isn't that great compared to other areas nearby. This has got to be the most boggling surf destination I've ever been to.

By Stephan , 21-06-2004

- Hi ther i am going to hikkaduwa in july what will the surf be likr i know it is better on the other side of the island this time of year , but cant make it to arugam bay what is hik like should i even bother taking a board ?????? pls help

By anonymous , 14-06-2004

hi - you can rent boards there but most have been snapped or have major dings, head to middigama stay away from hik its to crowded....... had some great waves this year out there.............anyone that says it's over rated didnt look hard enough, never had it big granted but some great shaped 3-4 feet waves, just the way i like it!...

By , 13-06-2004

question - hello people
i m going to sri lanka in july and i wanna know if it is possible to rent a board there or i ve to take my board with me in the plane.
please answer me it is a question of life or death.

By , 03-06-2004

Some questions - Hi guys, I started surfing a year ago so I still considre myself a beginner. I'm planing to get to SL in September and heard that Arugam bay is a good place for beginners in that season. Is that so? Any other good places for beginners (waves up to 2 feet, nice long break...).


By Ted , 18-05-2004

Overrated, Overcrowded - I spent 4 weeks in Hikkaduwa over February. If you want to jostle for one measly, weak A-frame (and therefore one decent take-off zone) wave with about 30 others (including some very rude Israelis) then go.

By rob , 04-05-2004

summer of surf - Hi, I`m planning a trip to sri lanka for a month, july 24 to aug 24 to arugum bay. Any info on a place to stay or things to be aware of would be very much apprciated or if your planning to go yourself and wanna meet up.

By anonymous , 30-04-2004

no title - hi. i`m planing to visit sri-lanka in aug-sep. is it good on those months? is it surfable all year around? when the monsuns begin? should i travel to the east coat inorder to avoid the croweds?
i will be thankfull to get any information about sri-lanka in aug-sep.

By Dan , 25-04-2004

Quoistion for who knows - Does anybody know a good place for a beginner to start surfing in sri lanka where I can also rent a board ?
and maybe someone knows of a place like that in india?

i will be in the south of india somewhere around the end of may to mid june. due to the monsoons im assuming that all the east coasts of india and sri lanka should be good during these times.

By , 22-03-2004

INFORMATION SURF SRI LANKA - I want to go to Sri Lanka this August and I would like to know which is the best place for surfing this month and if there are a lot of people. Are there waves every day in summer?
thank's a lot.
My e.mail es

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