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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By , 26-09-2004

hey,, why not coming to Rote island in Timor - it's not a secret anymore, all you guys who surf must have glimbpsed on the surf map about indo surf. you maight ignored, for it's distance from Bali and lombok.
known as T'land named by jim banks years ago.
short for "Roti island" on a village called nemberala
so it's now more famous as "Nemberala surf."
better timing is during trades wind started from may till october. there is also other surf points on small isles hold the same swells that is more chalanging to meet your needs. good in the wet season.
a good place for begginers with beach breaks known as sguillers.
to get there:
from bali there's dayly flight to the main check in port on timor island "kupang" 2 flights a day for more info contact your travel agent in bali
From Darwin there's direct flight twice a week.

after get to kupang
you can catch boat for rote island at 3 o'clock pm
4 hours verry ride getting to the island at night. buses
for carter at the harbour take another 3 hours to

if you don't want to continue your trip the same day
in kupang the entry port, you could stay there.
for the next morning trip by taking fast ferry at 8 oclock am. it takes hour and a half arriving at Ba'a port {the major town on the island) bus trip to nemberala hour and a half. easy one to get.

if you'd like to have an arranged trip please contact travel agent in bali ( bali biru or surftravel on line )
or you can contact me at
or ring me at sat phone no + 62 86812108916
( sometimes hard getting trought from abroad because or satelite connection.
or you could mail me
Erasmus (moose)
Anugerah Surf camp.
nemberala, rote island,
NTT - Indinesia 85382.
for a pre booking in order to have you picked up at the harbours in rote.
thankyou for reading and contacting me.

By anonymous , 02-09-2004

Jake smells - A great wave.

By , 24-08-2004

Indo Question - Going to Indo June 05 for a month. What the best way to get the most waves for the best price boat trips, surf camps, hotels etc. Probably starting off in Bali.

By , 17-06-2004

get to simeulue island NOW! - shit all this talk about mentawai's mentawai's mentawai's, yep the surf there is mental! but just up the road about 250 miles is an island called simeulue. must be 50 world class waves up there at least. people are friendly, food is awesome and cheap, nite life ~ very quiet. you can fly direct from medan and take about 1 1/2 hrs. I helped build the 1st camp their late last yr 03 and had to surf this surfer lonely island all by my lonesome... yep they've got maleria so take something.. you won't be dissapointed.. camp owners from oz but with 15 yrs indo experience. awesome food from top class tassie chef.. email camp owner at or email me at

By , 26-05-2004

camp for solid intermediate and his just beginning lady - hey folks, thinking about staying a couple of months in Indonesia this late summer and am looking for maybe a camp where I can dial in my skills and my lady can learn to surf. I'm at the level where I am looking to start surfing bigger stuff and think that a few lessons/pointers would be cool and me lady hasn't really surfed at all. any suggestions would be most appreciated. in terms of locales, anywhere in Bali/Lombok/E. Java area would be sweet. Trms. Stu

By , 15-05-2004

Stay for more than one month in Indo? - We want to surf for two months in indo this summer (leaving appr. 18jun.) The problem is that we heard at the travel agency that it is not possible to stay more than one month if you don’t have a visa. Can somebody give me some information about this? We heard we need a so-called sponsor, somebody that lives in Indonesia, who has to sign some paper with what we can get a visa. The thing is that we don't know anybody there. Can somebody help us out? Please send me an email,

Matthijs Collard

Some information would be appreciated!


Matthijs Collard

The Netherlands
Tel: 0628126697

By surfjava@hotmail , 07-04-2004

Travel questions,bring it on!!! - I have traveled from Batam to Irian Jaya. I am married to a woman from Sulawesi.I am just offering advice to travelers concerning drugs to immigration. I am a surfer who wants to encourage travel to Indonesia. Peace.

By biman , 22-01-2004

forum wannasurf most regular waves march indonesia? - Hi,

i m from france, and i plan to surf in indonesia in march for 01 month, have you some suggestions for e spot whit regular waves and is eazy to get there,


By , 25-09-2003

BANDUNG? HELP - hello, i have the opportunity of studying at the institute of technology in the city: BANDUNG. i know this city is not exactly by the sea but ... is it very far away? how much surf can i get living in Bandung? is the sea extremely far away from BANDUNG??? please let me know about any information about this city ... i have to decide soon

By anonymous , 23-09-2003

most regular waves december, indonesia - hello,

i'm planning to surf in indonesia in december for 2 weeks. anybody has got some suggestiosn for a spot whit regular waves and is easy to get there. this summer i went to bali, so maybe it is time for something else...


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