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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By anonymous , 01-04-2005

G-Land ? - i cant find the spot g-land on this site ? help?

i want to know how crowded it gets in may and if its good to go then. i havnt been to bali before and i am going in may. also do the lombok sumbawa boat trips score empty waves or is it crowded. any help much appreciated

By , 29-03-2005

Tide Info - I use this software for tidal info anywhere in the world. It's free to download. You can get data according to location or by putting in lattitude and longitude. Great program.

By , 18-03-2005

Central Java, Jawa Tengah - Anyone know of/willing to share any accessible breaks in Central Java, especially within a decent drive, say up to 6 hrs, from Yogyakarta? Place names, villages, towns etc is all I need.. Will be studying there for 7 months from July, so i'll need some weekend waves for sanity's sake and i figure G-land or west Java are a bit too far of a drive on a friday arvo...

By anonymous , 15-03-2005

Tide time website - Does anyone know of a website with tide times for Indonesia for 2005.
Thanks in advance.

By boyak , 12-03-2005

inform - 2 all da boys 'n gals who wanna surf up in mentawais , da season has started this march less crowds caused of tsunami rumours, haf fun 'n ride on!

By hostile , 01-03-2005

crowds in mentawais vs nias vs maldives - am putting together a boat trip and am leaning away from indo all together because i have heard of crowds, even if youre on a boat and can move around. as far as i know mentawais is packed, and maldives is empty, any comments please? also, what about nias?

By anonymous , 15-01-2005

- I am thinking about spending two weeks at G-Land towards the end of March. I have been there a few times, but never that early in the season. Are the winds wrong the whole time or do I have a good chance at scoring? Anyone been there that early?

By julia , 14-01-2005

central/east java - hey, please tell me, is there any good surf in central/east java. i would have the change to study in yogiakata, but i just want to go there if there is good surf near... thanks..

By Jessi Joy , 12-01-2005

Ummm... Bombs? - You don't deserve the money to travel if you're gunna let terroism affect the way you live. I'm sorry to say this sunshine, but there have been travel warning's ever since October 12 and there will continue to be warnings well after you and I cease to exist. It's the way the world goes and there's not much that can be changed about it in this present time. Jump on a plane to Indo, stay the fuck out of western hotels (why the fuck would you wanna stay in an over priced classy hotel anyway??) and have a good surf. Chances are they're not gunna come after ya out in the water. The most you have to worry about is sharks my friend.. Anyway, just the way I see it. Peace n good luck finding a risk-free place safe enough for anyone to visit or live.. U may be searching for a while...

By , 23-12-2004

bomb warnings - hey- read about the aussie govt issuing a bomb warning for indonesian hotels around xmas/new year period, which is when i was thinking of popping over to bali for a few nights. consequently cancelled the trip but was looking for an alternative in southeast asia. suggestions?

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