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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By anonymous , 05-10-2002

no title - Well, as many of you may have notice this website as become commercial.
This doesn't make any sense for many of us who contributed freely to it. We don't like the idea people making money of that. Therefore as a protest friends and myself will begin to post fake spots a bit everywhere to try to make it a unreliable as possible source.
All of you are welcomed to participate.

By Osama Bin Laden , 16-09-2002

Chicks - Great surf, great chicks and lots of men with small dicks

By Nathan , 16-09-2002

Good surf - Poor country but great surf

By wade , 03-09-2002

cheers mate! - if you have some insight on treking give me a buzz at, any info will be greatly appreciated!

By Orang Machan , 02-09-2002

Wade,What do you want to know? - Done it, how can I contact you? I wont give that info here, I will say that it's an experience

By Wade , 02-09-2002

some insight - Howzit, does any one have any experience treking through Indo, I want to take a few months traveling on the cheap from Bali all the way to the top of Sumatra, was wondering if anyone had some experience with that buzz and how safe it is, or if is completely doable or completely stupid, have heard some nasty stories about treking surfers in Indo, but don't know how many of them are true, I don't care about ruffing it, but just don't wanna giet killed for my stick either.

By , 02-05-2002

wheres the sumba and timor section? - dont have to add all the spots but i love some of these breaks.

By anonymous , 29-01-2002

Tick Tick BOOM - Indo is the place that I love. I've never been there though.

By anonymous , 29-01-2002

Surfing Bali - A 'smile' goes a long way with the locals,be polite and you will have a great time. Bali is a crowded place, but if you look around you can find waves for just you and your buddies.
Dont be lazy get out of Kuta, and search!

By anonymous , 19-09-2001

Indo surf.... - I was there July and August of 2001! When I was there it was very crowded, never had any of the breaks under 25 people. Most counted was Uluwatu and Kuta reef, 66. They are great waves but go to West Java. Panation Island was pumping..One Palm Point, very heavy, hands up tubes! Not to mention Turtles, Cimaja, ect. Most people out was 12 and least was my buddy and I.

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