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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By Gavo , 13 Feb

Cruising the South shore - Most people coming to kuta, Lombok and the southern breaks are chilled out travellers and intermediate surfers since the area doesnt hold any world class breaks. There are some really fun waves in this absolutly beautiful area. The area has been on the pivot of development for years, and now that the new international airpor is only 15 km away and a new road installed it will likely see rapid resorting in the next decade.

By paroxee , 08-12-2010

new year in poppy land - i'm going to bali from 22nd dec until january...can't wait to try and surf there for the first time. any tips from whoever have been to kuta??

By Anonymous , 12-08-2010

Malaria in Lombok ? - Hello,
I want to go in Lombok in October.
How is the Malaria situation, particularly is there Malaria Falciparum (deadly kind of malaria)in Lombok?
I visit Bali some years ago and there is no problem.
Thank you.

By tomas , 29-03-2010

- been 8 time had trip to kuta lombok i would said super bloody bagus and never had any problem like on the story,,, i stay at gday inn very good rooms,good meal,coldest beer in town after surf. just go to gday inn the family will look after u.

By Anonymous , 28-10-2009

Kuta Lombok - Just did a trip to Kuta area, beautiful beaches & probably the best I have seen here in Indonesia.Surf was good though crowds are building with up to 30+ in main breaks; Stayed @ Surfers Inn - rooms OK Food Crap.. tried on 3 occasions to give us green mouldy bread for brekky.. eat out even tho B/Fast included. Hired a car in Mataram - give locals a miss for hiring bikes it seems! Place will be entering big changes with International Airport... much of land already sold, not that I would recommend you buy any! Years to come may improve their (some locals) attitude to us whiteys & tourists! Ashtari on top of hill best value for views & food + nice people! Roads are shit, take care with bike or car travel! Time will tell with this surfing location! Jerry in Grupuk for boating to breaks, nicest guy we met. Waves average to serious, take your booties! Wise to buy up in Bali with any special items, food etc you want to take as you wont find any Mini Marts or Supermarkets in this area!Laid back but may well see a lot of change over these next few years..

By Anonymous , 12-07-2009

replies - Heaven on the planet is nice but relatively expensive. To get to outsides, the most consistent break, you need to pay alot for a boat unless you bike in. Then you better pay security to watch it while surfing. outsides can get very heavy at 6ft. or bigger. Insides is a walk but 15 or 20 min from room depending on tide. Inconsistent but can be good. Ya changes in store for Kuta but everything takes time. Some good may come from it. Clean up the few scamming locals. Attention to environment issues like reefs and beach litter. only rent bike from reputable shop not private individual. Watch it at night. Even at cafes. You can stay at other breaks if you learn how.

By Olivier COLIN , 15-06-2009

Stay at Heaven on the Planet ?? - Hello, it seems that the only accomodation in Lombok with waves close by is this one ? Can you paddle to a lot of wave or need anyway a boat ? Or even a car or bike to go to some other waves ? Is it expensive to get a boat from the camp, or possible to get a boat with villagers nearby ?
Thanks for the info

By Henry Lima Carvalho , 03-06-2009

Place to Stay "Surfers Inn" - So many warnings about motor bikes in Kuta Lombok... That's my second time there and I could see that people are avoiding renting bikes and instead bringing cars from Bali (but also some cars been damaged by the bad locals). In this time I stayed at Surfers Inn, just because while I'm in Bali I met so many people coming from Lombok and every single one was staying there. No doubt the best place in South Lombok, with cheap or luxury rooms and wonderful people working there, also a 24 hours security guards.
I took a surfing package with car + driver + petrol that cost me Rp.550.000 a day for TWO times surfing. We share that in 4 people "nothing". I recommend. Good luck guys.
Henry Carvalho

By Anonymous , 09-05-2009

- I went to lombok firstly stayed at heaven on the planet for 10 days. I'd go back only for the reason that we had so much fun with the staff from the local village. apart from them & having outsides at 5-7ft i wouldnt go back due to the fact the the poeple who own it are from NZ & they dont help out the villagers like they should. The big fat chick who owns it was there for a phew days i was n she was getting the massage lady to give her like 3 hours of work n not even paying her. i would massage that fat bitch if she payed me a million rupia! eww.. also watch out for MON! we called him Mr CON. he's known for being dodgy like getting you some weed n telling the cops to get his payoff whilst you get the death sentence! or charging 300,000 for s shitty sarong when u can buy them for 40,000 in kuta. we did however get our moneys worth out of that place in food! wich i cant complain about. In Kuta lombok things are about to change in possibly a bad way. If you have been there recently you might have noticed that they are in in the process of building an INTERNATIOINAL airport. this means, big resorts and more crowded waves! alot of land is for sale, well mostly all of it as the indonesian government continues to give up its country's beauty thats left for money. so any ways, land is for sale. so there are regular people trying to sell land that they dont even own. i stayed at surfers in for 10 days & for half of them i had to explain to a dude that kept rocking up that ''I couldn't afford to buy land''! other than these minor annoyences i just cant wait to go back!!!

By Ben , 20-12-2008

mid-January to end Feb??? - Curious if this is a decent time to come to Lombok.....I am an intermediate surfer....would Bali be better? What kind of waves could I expect? General weather.....?? Thanks very much. Ben

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