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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaia surfboard in Lances Left, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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  • Aug 31 
    [ Session ] yann, Grand Crohot. Sunday waves... Sunday waves....

    Impossible to wake up this morning. So I went a bit late at the surf but the wind hasn't turned. And the waves were good : punchy bowls. I stayed away the main peak end found good ones. Then [...] More...

  • Aug 31 
    [ Forum ] Semi Fish making new photo album . hi, if i want to make a new album for uploading photo's, i always get the error: Failed on add owner permission type: comment How can i resolve this problem? Thanks
  • Aug 30 
    [ Session ] yann, Le pelican mort. Ouch ! Ouch !.

    The swell was big : 3m, 9s at the buoy.We were with the Grilled Bread Team. They sent us at the crash test on the first peak... and it was a crash.


  • Aug 30 
    [ Session ] yann, Le pelican mort. Power Power.

    The wind was finally light and offshore and the swell really solid. I have been surprised by the power ! I got steppy take off, hollow walls at the "boxinette". It still works at hight [...] More...

  • Aug 30 
    [ Session ] yann, Grand Crohot. Windy mushy Windy mushy.

    Just a small session at the sunset.

    Fun waves but nothing really good


  • Aug 30 
    [ Forum ] RandumbReasons Men's Open Final 30th Annual Quiksilver-Big Island . [url][/url]
  • Aug 24 
    [ Forum ] Semi Fish making new photo album . If i want to make a new album for uploading photo's, i always get the error: Failed on add owner permission type: comment How can i resolve this problem? Thanks
  • Aug 23 
    [ Session ] kikko, Levanto. .
  • Aug 22 
    [ Forum ] RandumbReasons Men's Open Round 2 30th Annual Quiksilver-Big Isla . [url][/url]
  • Aug 19 
    [ Session ] kikko, Recco. .
  • Aug 19 
    [ Session ] kikko, Recco. .
  • Aug 16 
    [ Session ] yann, Tokumitsu. My first artificial reef My first artificial reef.

    Woke up at 5 am. I went to Ataka without any hope. But a post typhoon swell was here, no wind. Ataka didn't work but someone else should work. I decide to go to Kanazawa Harbour. I took the h [...] More...

  • Aug 15 
    [ Forum ] RandumbReasons Men's Open Round 1 30th Annual Quiksilver-Big Isla . [url][/url]
  • Aug 15 
    [ Session ] kikko, Recco. .
  • Aug 15 
    [ Session ] yann, Shibagaki. Fail ! Fail !.

    Un nouveau typon, "Halong, remonte par le sud du Japon. Il touche Okinawa et a été particulièrement destructeur du côté de Kyushu et surtout de Shikoku (Koc [...] More...

  • Aug 14 
    [ Session ] yann, Koigaoura. Paradisiac beach breach Paradisiac beach breach.

    C'est une des dernières plages du sud de Kyushu. Elle est magnifique et bordée de palmiers. C'est très rural et l'atmosphère est calme, détendue : [...] More...

  • Aug 14 
    [ Session ] yann, Ibii. Sea, small and sun Sea, small and sun.

    Wonderful wave for longboard: small but it breaks regularly at a small rivermouth. I have seen old surfers and females. A good afternoon !


  • Aug 12 
    [ Session ] Pisco23, Waddell Creek. Sublime Evening Sublime Evening. Caught an evening surf - with most other places flat or flat and crowded, Waddell had some nice beach breaks going in the mid area - but the real fun was at the point on the southern end of the beach [...] More...
  • Aug 11 
    [ Session ] yann, Umegahama rivermouth. Good rivermouth Good rivermouth.

    Je réside sur des spots prenant les houles de sud est mais la houle est plein sud. Cela ne va pas le faire. Départ à 4h du matin, je trace de nuit plein sud pour aller test [...] More...

  • Aug 10 
    [ Session ] yann, Kizaki beach. Good beachbreak Good beachbreak.

    Kizaki est l'épicentre du surf de Miyazaki : une longue plage "landaise" de beach breaks qui prend presque toutes les houles. Cela ressemble ni plus ni moins à nos p [...] More...

  • Aug 10 
    [ Session ] yann, Kanegahama. Good increasing swell Good increasing swell.

    Sachant que la houle allait grossir un peu, je suis dans l'eau à 4h55 (!). Nous ne sommes que 4, il y a un joli 1,20m qui déroule proprement. Il ne fallait pas me laisser tout [...] More...

  • Aug 10 
    [ Session ] yann, Kanegahama. Sunset Sunset.

    Still a small swell due to a south typhoon. Fun surf.


  • Aug 10 
    [ Session ] yann, Kanegahama. Morning session Morning session.

    Few waves at 5:00. Already few surfers in the water. I tried a t shirt : it's too cold ! after 1:30, I was frozen.


  • Aug 10 
    [ Session ] yann, Kanegahama. Start Japanese surf Start Japanese surf.

    Beach break sans grand challenge mais véritable aimant à houle. Le spot  délivre des vagues multipeaks, souvent fermantes mais, en choisissant ses vagues, il y a de bons [...] More...

  • Jul 26 
    [ Session ] Pisco23, Waddell Creek. fun with son fun with son. Went north of Santa Cruz to find even a bit of swell - town is super-flat.  Tried to get my 8 yr old out on a soft-top, but the watre was just too cold for his cheap wetsuit.  So wrapped him [...] More...

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