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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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  What's up

  • Jan 04 
    [ Session ] vprat, Biarritz - Grande Plage. .
  • Jan 04 
    [ Session ] vprat, Lafiténia. .
  • Jan 04 
    [ Session ] vprat, Anglet - Le club. .
  • Jan 01 
    [ Session ] yann, Anglet - Les Sables d'Or. Beautiful but hard to surf Beautiful but hard to surf.

    First try at 8:00 AM. I couldn't see the ocean because of the fog.

    I came again : I found good lines but a lot af crowd and good surfers. I managed to catch some good waves but it [...] More...

  • Jan 01 
    [ Session ] yann, Anglet - Les Sables d'Or. bigger bigger.

    At anglet, waves were bigger than expexted. The difficulty was the crowd (only good surfers at the water)

    Nethermind it was good


  • Dec 31 
    [ Session ] vprat, Anglet - Le club. . sympa. grosse brume. peu de visi. ambiance.
  • Dec 30 
    [ Session ] Surfing llama, Bracklesham Bay. Xmas sesh Xmas sesh. Great little session, 2-3' and ultra clean - great fun on the longboard 
  • Dec 30 
    [ Session ] yann, Carcans. not so good not so good. glassy but the swell was not perfect
  • Dec 30 
    [ Session ] yann, Vauville. small and cold small and cold. fun long lines and a wonderful sunset
  • Dec 22 
    [ Session ] yann, Le Rozel. opened waves opened waves.

    This spot is really different in this area. There are real sandbanks and waves are opening. With Gilles I got long powerful waves, tons of turns.

    So good.


  • Dec 20 
    [ Forum ] sungwon2021 광주오피▷∈▶OPCLUB1.COM◀∋◁상봉휴게텔,군자키스방해운대건마,대천안마 . 광주오피▷∈▶OPCLUB1.COM◀∋◁상봉휴게텔,군자키스방해운대건마,대천안마,광주오피,상봉휴게텔,군자키스방해운대건마,대천안마,,구리립카페,마포립 [...] More...
  • Dec 19 
    [ Forum ] kimtngksan99 서초오피⋦⋦¯╰☆╮OPCLUB2.oM╰☆╮¯⋩⋩서초건마,서초안마,서초휴게텔, . 서초오피⋦⋦¯╰☆╮OPCLUB2.oM╰☆╮¯⋩⋩서초건마,서초안마,서초휴게텔,서초키스방,서초핸플,서초패티쉬,서초립카페,서초건마,서초안마,서초휴게텔 [...] More...
  • Dec 18 
    [ Session ] yann, Le Gurp. ouch ouch.

    With Dinoso and Slybtz. When I arrived, the sea was ugly. But it was midtide. I took my big gun for the first time.Heavy, 8'2". I had a problem with my FCS scew and my fins weren't w [...] More...

  • Dec 18 
    [ Session ] yann, Le Gurp. Sunshine perfection Sunshine perfection.

    I was ill but the phone rang at 13PM : that was Manu who was cruising around and wanterd to surf le gurp.

    So I went also.

    And it was the same waves than Thursday but perfe [...] More...

  • Dec 18 
    [ Session ] yann, Le Gurp. A good winter start A good winter start.

    With Tibok and Dahomey. First time of the winter at La Gurp. The sea looke like pretty bad. But waves were surprisingly good. I really surfed my fatty gun...

    a good session

    [...] More...

  • Dec 18 
    [ Session ] yann, Carcans. small, bad to good small, bad to good.

    I went with Zitoune and Nico. The swell dropped down during the night. There was only one meter and it was crowded. the beginning of the session was not so good bacause of the lack of frequency a [...] More...

  • Dec 12 
    [ Session ] alex_xania, Imessouane, the bay. silly localism silly localism. local instructors claiming the peak for them and their students and shout to people when they get waves.if someone gets a wave they get angry and swear at you
  • Dec 11 
    [ Session ] alex_xania, Anchor point. . ridiculus localism.Locals drop in on everyone and shout to people to get out of the water to go to other spots.even on expierienced surfers. they claim the peaks and in 3-4 didferent spots noone could [...] More...
  • Dec 06 
    [ Session ] Bigfathonu, Seaman Spit. Big Winds Big Surf Big Winds Big Surf.

    Huge winds rolled in on Sunday morning - saw some big swell out in the bay easy 3-5ft and then breaking all around the bay. As the tide went out around noon the point was looking the best but the [...] More...

  • Dec 06 
    [ Session ] Bigfathonu, Seaman Spit. Small SUP waves Small SUP waves.

    I knew the main storm swell was supposed to show up on Sunday but I saw some waves breaking on Saturday and figured I'd get in the water. When I got there saw a couple of 2ft waves but within [...] More...

  • Dec 03 
    [ Session ] saymanchris, 2nd Beach. awesome but cold awesome but cold. awesome but cold. 3/2 wetsuit. no boots or gloves.. hands burnedfor like 20 min after
  • Nov 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Carcans. ouuhhhhh ! ouuhhhhh !.

    What a session ! Long perfect swell with a good sandbank. 2 surfers then 5 surfers then 2 surfers.

    Endless waves : 200m, 

    2 really beautiful tubes : slow down, entry [...] More...

  • Nov 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Tréguennec. SO fun SO fun.

    My best day. Long wave but hard to take (powerless at take-off)

    fun, offshore, long lines, no crowd: what else ?


  • Nov 29 
    [ Session ] yann, La Palue. ouch ouch.

    High tide, lot of currents

    Fun tubular ledgey waves.. OUCH !

    Hugo was frigthened

  • Nov 28 
    [ Session ] Bigfathonu, Seaman Spit. After Thanksgiving waves After Thanksgiving waves.

    The Saturday after Thanksgiving offered up some 1-2 foot waves on an incoming tide at Seaman Spit. Waves were rolling down the point in the state park. Nobody else out, no one in the state park. [...] More...

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