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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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  • Dec 06 
    [ Session ] Bigfathonu, Seaman Spit. Big Winds Big Surf Big Winds Big Surf.

    Huge winds rolled in on Sunday morning - saw some big swell out in the bay easy 3-5ft and then breaking all around the bay. As the tide went out around noon the point was looking the best but the [...] More...

  • Dec 06 
    [ Session ] Bigfathonu, Seaman Spit. Small SUP waves Small SUP waves.

    I knew the main storm swell was supposed to show up on Sunday but I saw some waves breaking on Saturday and figured I'd get in the water. When I got there saw a couple of 2ft waves but within [...] More...

  • Dec 03 
    [ Session ] saymanchris, 2nd Beach. awesome but cold awesome but cold. awesome but cold. 3/2 wetsuit. no boots or gloves.. hands burnedfor like 20 min after
  • Nov 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Carcans. ouuhhhhh ! ouuhhhhh !.

    What a session ! Long perfect swell with a good sandbank. 2 surfers then 5 surfers then 2 surfers.

    Endless waves : 200m, 

    2 really beautiful tubes : slow down, entry [...] More...

  • Nov 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Tréguennec. SO fun SO fun.

    My best day. Long wave but hard to take (powerless at take-off)

    fun, offshore, long lines, no crowd: what else ?


  • Nov 29 
    [ Session ] yann, La Palue. ouch ouch.

    High tide, lot of currents

    Fun tubular ledgey waves.. OUCH !

    Hugo was frigthened

  • Nov 28 
    [ Session ] Bigfathonu, Seaman Spit. After Thanksgiving waves After Thanksgiving waves.

    The Saturday after Thanksgiving offered up some 1-2 foot waves on an incoming tide at Seaman Spit. Waves were rolling down the point in the state park. Nobody else out, no one in the state park. [...] More...

  • Nov 27 
    [ Forum ] Gershon Re:Surf specific workouts . I would recommend a lot of HIIT training wich you can find all around the internet. You can work on your stamina and endurance since you will paddle a lot in the water. Upper body strength is really [...] More...
  • Nov 26 
    [ Forum ] roofel123 Lost my teeth while surfing! . Hi all, My hobby is to do surfing and last week me and my friends had gone to do surfing. We all had a race and when I was surfing, my balance had gone and I lost my teeth. I was so upset and also di [...] More...
  • Nov 22 
    [ Forum ] acrosstheisle Adjustable Metal Surf Storage Rack . Adjustable Metal Surf Storage Rack | 4 Surfboard Wall Mount | StoreYourBoard More Info Here ADJUSTABLE RACK SYSTEM. Insert the rack’s arms where you want them along the t [...] More...
  • Nov 19 
    [ Forum ] Gershon Re:personal letter . Dear Maikel, I have read your post just a minute ago. It is a moving story and I feel that surfing is coming from deep of your hurt. I love surfing so much. I know what are your feelings and I also [...] More...
  • Nov 19 
    [ Session ] vprat, La bougie. . mignon
  • Nov 18 
    [ Forum ] Gershon Re:love to surf but injury . Hey pikachu22, I had the same problem just a few month ago with my ankle. My accident happened 5 month before my surf trip to Portugal. Doctors suggested the brace during my recovery period. I am a [...] More...
  • Nov 17 
    [ Session ] saymanchris, 2nd Beach. good day.. good day.. . my feet were cold.. i need boots... good waves.. i cajght alot of white water.. kind scared to go past the breAk.. i think its becaise i was cold
  • Nov 17 
    [ Session ] saymanchris, 2nd Beach. too small too small. eh
  • Nov 17 
    [ Session ] saymanchris, 2nd Beach. first time back.. awsome .. perfect.. 5 ft first time back.. awsome .. perfect.. 5 ft. scarey and fun.. i coulnt get out of the water
  • Nov 16 
    [ Surf Trip ] Crackers Ujong Bocur
    From Nov 16 to Nov 16 Ujong Bocur.
  • Nov 13 
    [ Session ] vprat, Anglet - Les Cavaliers. . un bon re-entry mais rien de plus.
  • Nov 12 
    [ Session ] vprat, Anglet - La Barre. moyen moyen .
  • Nov 02 
    [ Forum ] opclub1com opclub1.cⓞm 《┏ 서울오피 ┓》오피클럽《┏ 대전오피 ┓》오피클럽《┏ 부산오피 ┓ . opclub1.cⓞm ┏ 서울오피 ┓오피클럽┏ 대전오피 ┓오피클럽┏ 부산오피 ┓오피클럽┏ 청주오피 ┓오피클럽 ┏ 수원오피 ┓오피클럽┏ 인천오피 ┓ 오 [...] More...
  • Oct 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Tréguennec. More classic than ever More classic than ever.

    One of the best day I have seen here (for longboard conditions...) : long waves, 1,20m but not hollow. I managed to surf with the shortboard but I get tired then I took the minimal. And the sessi [...] More...

  • Oct 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Prad ar Chastell. California in Britanny California in Britanny.

    Classic sunny session for longboards : long swell, one meter wave, very long walls...

    Si fun to surf (ok no challenge :-)  )

  • Oct 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Tréguennec. cold fun cold fun.

    long long small waves. Very fun to surf with the good board.

    Cloudy and cold...

  • Oct 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Tronoen. Fun with the kids Fun with the kids.

    Long fun and small waves, perfect to learn to surf, perfect with a longboard.

    We had a great time in the water.

  • Oct 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Carcans. Classic swell Classic swell. Wonderfull session by bike. A lonely sandbank with tibok and occy17. First waves on a long right then we moved to a punchy bowl. Got a good tube on my last waves.

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