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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaia surfboard in Lances Left, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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  What's up

  • Dec 15 
    [ Session ] kikko, Chiavari-Entella. .
  • Dec 09 
    [ Session ] kikko, Recco. .
  • Dec 09 
    [ Session ] kikko, Recco. .
  • Dec 07 
    [ Session ] yann, Soulac. Cold Cold.

    Cold : -5°C in the morning. We wen to Carcans (big mushy multipeak), Le Pin Sec (big mushy multipeak), Le Gurp (surfable but multipeak) then Soulac. Ooops it was small and tubular. It was obv [...] More...

  • Nov 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Le Gurp. Topissime Topissime.

    That was big and powerful! The final impression of the session will  More...

  • Nov 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Le pelican mort. Perfect Perfect.

    We expected only small waves due to stong wind. When we arrived, a beautiful A-Frames peak was cranking... No one. 

    We started to surf the right : a long drop then a long (a bit [...] More...

  • Nov 23 
    [ Session ] yann, Le pelican mort. Increasing swell Increasing swell.

    When we arrived at the sunrise, waves were as perfect as yesterday. I surf pretty well : big bottoms and cutback. I got 5 very good tubes.

    I improced my surf with a better look at th [...] More...

  • Nov 23 
    [ Session ] yann, Le pelican mort. Whaou ! Whaou !.

    I woka up and wasn't sure it will be good : the buoy was  1m 8s... And we went with Tibok... and we found BEAUTIFUL lines. Powerful, Hollow ! I have got several tubes (and a opened one : [...] More...

  • Nov 23 
    [ Session ] yann, Le Gurp. Good but... Good but....

    Swell predicted at 3m but it was only 2m and not frequent. Netherless I got big waves. The pity was that waves became good at the sunset !


  • Nov 06 
  • Nov 06 
    [ Forum ] Mentawai Playground Surfc Budget Mentawai Surfcamp . So if you dream of overhead surf, warm water with greeny palm trees as a view and offshore breezes everyday on tropical island paradise with LOW BUDGET journey, you may stay and surf with us :) get y [...] More...
  • Nov 02 
    [ Session ] yann, Tronoen. Fun small waves Fun small waves.

    On the same sandbank with Pierre. Smaller than yesterday but still fun to surf ! The peak didn't moved and we were only 3 surfes (!)

    I got good carves with my board (which was per [...] More...

  • Oct 30 
    [ Session ] yann, Tronoen. Wonderful ! Wonderful !.

    What a session ! There was a lot of surfers at 8AM at hight tide. So I walked up north. I went to surf the first lonely spot. And it was jackpot ! A A frame was cranking (right and left), 100m lo [...] More...

  • Oct 30 
    [ Session ] yann, Baie des Trépassés. Windy dead cove... Windy dead cove....

    session with kids. I took some small punchy waves but it was mainly close out... I was fustrated...


  • Oct 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Gwendrez. A small good surprise A small good surprise.

    After the first session at Penhors which was far from good. I passed along Gwendrez. I discovered the left on the rocks at mid tide. That was the first time I saw this wave. It was breaking on ro [...] More...

  • Oct 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Penhors. Bof... Bof....

    I missed the high tide on the reef. I went to the beachbreak but waves were mellow. I got some good few turn but nothing unforgettable


  • Oct 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Tronoen. Multipeak Multipeak.

    The swell was still here around.1,5m. I got 20 waves but only few good ones (especially 2 very good rights). The problem is that in brittany, there was no sandbank so the peak moved all the time. [...] More...

  • Oct 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Baie des Trépassés. Punchy waves Punchy waves.

    I surfed with my kids. Waves were beautiful. The right looked very appealing but locals were there and it was very difficult to catch a weve. I got few ones and a very good right, hollow and long [...] More...

  • Oct 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Pors Carn. Not very good Not very good.

    I missed the high tide. I tried to surf for the first time the outside ledgey wave on rocks. I got only 3 waves but there were good. It needs a higher tide.

    Then I went to the end of [...] More...

  • Oct 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Pors Carn. Fun with kids Fun with kids.

    At high tide, there was a good session at the beach break. Just got few waves... It was hard because of the stand ups (there was a  contest at la torche)


  • Oct 29 
    [ Session ] yann, Tronoen. Powerful Powerful.

    Alone in the water because it was hard to paddle out. Waves were good but you had to choose the good one.

    Long walls in the fog : a good session !


  • Oct 20 
    [ Session ] yann, Le Gurp. Tubular lefts Tubular lefts.

    This morning : the buoy was  3m, 11s. At low tide, waves were small and hollow (1.20m). We waited a little with Dahomey. With the incoming tide, waves became bigger : a tubular 1.50m sometim [...] More...

  • Oct 19 
    [ Session ] kikko, Montalivet. .
  • Oct 19 
    [ Session ] kikko, Recco. .
  • Oct 19 
    [ Session ] kikko, Levanto. .

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