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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

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  • May 27 
    [ Comment ] Thommo s Thommos. Thommos, despite being a reef point break is highly dependent on sand movement patterns between it and Sharky to influence how big it can hold and how down-the-line the ride is (vs cutback city in the [...] More...
  • May 27 
    [ Comment ] Sharkies Sharky. Firstly it is called sharky. Sharky rights work best at 4-5ft, and a little east in the swell is best to fit the reef contours. Sharky lefts are dependent on the sand banks of willies to be really g [...] More...
  • May 26 
    [ Comment ] Timmendorfer Strand localism. der Spacko der die Spotbeschreibung geschrieben hatte sollte mal lieber woanders surfen und bitte mehr als 200m entfernt. ist ja jetzt nicht so die krasse welle, wo nur die Wannabe-Pro's surfen dürfe [...] More...
  • May 22 
    [ Comment ] Belgium once upon a time in Belgium. I am thinking about surfing in Belgium in July-August. Any advices regarding the places where I can rent equipment needed and classes for beginner level. I start since zero level, and I have only free [...] More...
  • May 19 
    [ Comment ] Kandooma Right Locals only!. I wasn't allowed to surf this wave because of a OZ's local wanker (with hipster Barbe and Maori Tattoos). He claim that the spot is private. I'm not shure if he will try again to open his mouth next t [...] More...
  • May 17 
    [ Comment ] Anclote Disappointing. I rate Anclote 3/5 for it’s performance on waves chest high and above. However, you aren’t very likely to get waves that size. It does not pull in swell. During the week we were there, the foreca [...] More...
  • May 11 
    [ Comment ] La caleta Board hire. Hi Im on holiday here in a couple of weeks, can anyone let me know if there are any board hire facilities in walking distance or will I need to go to Las Americas? Thanks.
  • May 09 
    [ Comment ] Koh Phayam Why so serious?. I am an intermediate surfer from Germany and decided to surf in Koh Phayam while traveling in Thailand in late April 2016.I thought the island could be relaxed with a pleasant surf environment. I was [...] More...
  • May 09 
    [ Comment ] Haggartys . Does anyone have the PV surf spots PDF guide that was circulated by users and Dickmanninov from ? That was back in 2003 and the site no [...] More...
  • May 08 
    [ Comment ] Sao Paulo North Coast Surfers in Campinas?. Hi, I've just moved from Scotland to Campinas to work at UNICAMP. Hopefully I'll eventually get a car and drive to surf, but in the meantime is anyone driving from Campinas to surf and willing to offe [...] More...
  • Apr 18 
    [ Comment ] Ed s . Where I come from, a "local" is someone that can walk to the subject break. Most all of the breaks, north of Santa Barbara, have virtually zero locals, because almost no one lives within sight. There' [...] More...
  • Apr 14 
    [ Comment ] China walls other point surfers. Almost forgot billy boy dude! freize, koki, and more
  • Apr 14 
    [ Comment ] China walls Didnt know about mike.. Didn't know about Mike Manaut, he was cool with a wicked sense of humor, and there all the time and part of the crew. Man, that's sad. Life is short...
  • Apr 14 
    [ Comment ] China walls China Walls , Point cool Port. people from the dayyzz. john and pau and malia and muffer and megan, keoni and jeff and peter and paul and and tina, jeremy and tara and camilla and jenny, me, mike manaut-(john is always there), jackie S., other mike, nan a [...] More...
  • Apr 08 
    [ Comment ] Suwarna Resort in Sawarna Beach. If you want to Sawarna and need lodging, you can contact us or +6281222266100 . malibo layout Sawarna resort is very close to the surf area , from the inn you can monitor wave [...] More...
  • Apr 06 
    [ Comment ] Chinamans . Surfing yorkes in the 70s was a lot of search and discovery,we found waves that arent even marked ore named back then,all dirt tracks made it even more remote,but the real essence of surfing was alive [...] More...
  • Apr 03 
    [ Comment ] Portugal Surfing Portugal in May. Hi People, We are a group that are looking to go to Portugal in May this year and do some surfing. we have been looking around and so far no camp is providing weekend solutes (Wednesday to Sunday) [...] More...
  • Apr 01 
    [ Comment ] BA s BAs Palos Verdes surf spot/ Rick?. Back in the day...late 80s.... before any Trump golf course, I lived in Pedro for a few years and surfed this spot solo. I was young ish but above average surfer who understood etiquette and respect. [...] More...
  • Mar 30 
    [ Comment ] French Polynesia Sailing and Surfing in Tahiti. Hi all, We are sailing to Tahiti next month, and will be exploring the islands looking for the best surf spots. Room for up to 4 keen surfers to join us. August - October 2016. or [...] More...
  • Mar 30 
    [ Comment ] Queens Queens is Epic. Queens is my local break - FAT rad lefts... can be a bit short but its generally just a few of us so loads to go around! Has a rep for rouge 8 - 10 foot waves in between what you think is consisten [...] More...
  • Mar 24 
    [ Comment ] Ponytails . No voy en originalidad, pero su blog es tan bueno que no se puede decir que no sea nada GRACIAS! [url=]voyance gratuite[/url]
  • Mar 23 
    [ Comment ] Inarajan bay . if there talking about the bay with the bear rock, right after inarajan pool. i always see a makeable left, but never seen anyone on it, but i've seen fishermen walk out
  • Mar 23 
    [ Comment ] Ylig . they got the spot wrong on the map, but i guess thats a good thing
  • Mar 22 
    [ Comment ] Soup bowls Rarely breaks. The localism is beginning to resemble seaside point. Aggressive sharks. armored car recommended.
  • Mar 18 
    [ Comment ] Sicily Lo Stagnone. Hey mate, about your question regarding Trapani, you can have a look there :

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