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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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  • Jan 15 
    [ Comment ] Indonesia Ride With Me. See who else is going to Indo, share a lift, accommodation -
  • Jan 15 
    [ Comment ] Costa Rica Ride With Me. See who else is going to Costa, share a lift, accommodation -
  • Jan 09 
    [ Comment ] Levanto Thank you. Congratulations on your site! Really, it's great and as I saw in the first positions it is true that sharing and web interface are really a boon for work style. Really a big thank you!  More...
  • Jan 09 
    [ Comment ] San benedetto del tronto Thank you. My congratulations for your site! It helped me a lot and enjoyed, especially all your shares are interesting. Long life to your site. Above all, never give up; your blog is really great!  More...
  • Jan 09 
    [ Comment ] Bananas point Thank you. Thank you so much for all your suggestions on this site. Your shares are very interesting and very rewarding. Congratulations to you. voyance par mail ;  More...
  • Jan 09 
    [ Comment ] Silveira Thank you. Congratulations to all those who watch for the success of this beautiful blog !! voyance gratuite par mail ;  More...
  • Jan 09 
    [ Comment ] Ribanceira Thank you. Thank you for these highly interesting tips, it is great to come across articles as interesting as yours! I wish you health, longevity, success, happiness and peace of heart.  More...
  • Jan 09 
    [ Comment ] Rosa sul Thank you. Thanks to you, I have learned many interesting things. I hope to learn more. I congratulate you for these wonderful sharing. Continue this! voyance gratuite ser [...] More...
  • Dec 30 
    [ Comment ] Seaman Spit Long wait but glassy conditions return. Haven't had much luck this year at Seaman Spit with only 4 days of rideable waves in the last 6 months, but finally we had night of strong wind and then glassy conditions in the morning. Tiny waves bu [...] More...
  • Dec 29 
    [ Comment ] El paredon Surf El Peradon. Hey everyone, I was in El Peradon in august this year. It is a nice destination when you get there and it has typical beach breaks. There are few places to stay here. I found this great resource: www. [...] More...
  • Nov 22 
    [ Comment ] Rossbeigh . Have never seen it with decent shape. Hard paddle out when big.
  • Nov 22 
    [ Comment ] Ballinskelligs . Not worth the long trek. Incredibly inconsistent and no good quality waves in the area. Much better off heading Dingle way where there is better consistency and better quality.
  • Nov 18 
    [ Comment ] Indicators Photo 1. Haha! Photo 1 is different now than it was 10 years ago. You are definitely right about the current Photo 1. That is indies.
  • Nov 18 
    [ Comment ] Colosseums Longboarders. Haha. Funny to be having a debate over the past 10 years about longboarding at outsides. Yeah, dude, in the six years I had surfed the spot, that's like 2000 days, I never heard anyone refer to it a [...] More...
  • Nov 17 
    [ Comment ] Canary anybody surfed a norte -west swell in LA PALMA. I'm here for 2 days and the swell is on. any advices would be more than welcome.
  • Nov 15 
    [ Comment ] Bang bang Bang bang. So if you dream of overhead surf, warm water with greeny palm trees as a view and offshore breezes everyday on tropical island paradise with LOW BUDGET journey, you may stay and surf with us get your [...] More...
  • Oct 29 
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  • Oct 29 
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  • Oct 29 
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  • Oct 15 
    [ Comment ] Indonesia motorcycle surfaris from bali to lakey peak. hey looking to meet some surf buddys to join me to head to sumbawa and lombok from bali end of oct (i arrive oct 26) rent bikes and head to lakey peak. im 35 intermeadiate surfer, been to lombok and [...] More...
  • Sep 24 
    [ Comment ] Melros . un site de cartes adorables que je découvre par hasard et pour mon plus grand plaisir, bravo !! voyance par mail gratuite
  • Sep 24 
    [ Comment ] Ceningan point . Superbe Blog bien plus complet et pratique. Il me faudra des mois pour arriver à "rattraper" mon retard. Un grand merci. voyance gratuite par mail

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