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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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  • Sep 11 
    [ Comment ] Moss landing Local wankers. I've surfed all over the world and have never experienced such unnecessary aggression from locals. The surf was barely 3 foot, with about four guys out at the jetty. Before I'd even paddled out I was [...] More...
  • Sep 07 
    [ Comment ] Bunker SURFSHOPS ?? RENTALS ??. Hey guys.. Just came over from Portugal to work here.. so was wondering if theres any surfshops nearby that provide rental gear. any advice would be highly appreciated. ON OFFER : ANYONE that [...] More...
  • Sep 04 
    [ Comment ] Super suck Maluk House. Recently spent a few weeks in sumbawa sourcing Supersucks. Got some great waves. Stayed at Maluk house. Just wanted to drop a line to anyone considering staying there to look elsewhere. Had things [...] More...
  • Aug 30 
    [ Comment ] Frigates Yanuca Island Resort August 2014. Its been awhile since anyone commented here so I'm adding my 2 cents. I stayed at the Yanuca Island Resort (YIR) in August of 2014. I think it is the only tourist resort operating on Yanuca now - the [...] More...
  • Aug 28 
    [ Comment ] Tabletops playgrounds TT's. If you're traveling and want to get some fun surf pass this brake by the locals are dicks and the wave sucks anyway. Tried it many times of the year same lame wave and locals.
  • Aug 17 
    [ Comment ] Airports help!. Had a really good surf at airports left yesterday until an idiot hit me with his longboard. Anyway, there was this surf photographer I think he was called kenji, he took some good photos of me but i c [...] More...
  • Aug 07 
    [ Comment ] Les Sables d Or Downsize Tourist Infrastructure. To all Basque County locals who are upset from the crowds - there is an easy way to get rid of it. Close 90% of all tourist infrastructure as is: Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Beachclubs etc. You will s [...] More...
  • Aug 03 
    [ Comment ] El zonte El Zonte: a right hand point break just off the pan-american highway. Just spent a week at El Zonte surfing pretty much everday for a week. Place is great for surf pretty much all day long. Meals are relatively cheap and filling, but there is a lack of place to stay wit [...] More...
  • Jun 21 
    [ Comment ] Medewi not bad at all. took my wife and her friend there, they both longboard and are pretty good, they loved the spot. It is a little smoky and the water is murky but it was not rainy and the murk was mostly silt. It is a [...] More...
  • May 30 
    [ Comment ] Stella maris Merci. Merci pour ce très bon site, vraiment un panaché de bonnes et intéressantes idées. Surtout continuez ainsi. Bon courage Cordialement voyance grat [...] More...
  • May 30 
    [ Comment ] Domburg Merci. Je trouve votre site hyper génial, je vous souhaite pleins de succès car vous le méritez, bonne continuation et encore bravo pour ce superbe site ! [...] More...
  • May 30 
    [ Comment ] Mukerau Beach Merci. Félicitation à tous ceux qui veillent pour le bon déroulement de ce magnifique blog !! voyance ; voyance par [...] More...
  • May 30 
    [ Comment ] Geriba Merci. Je suis vraiment fière de vous découvrir, votre blog est vraiment super ! J’aime bien son interface, et j’ai trop adoré le contenu aussi. Surtout continuez ainsi !  More...
  • May 15 
    [ Comment ] Casa del Juez Fun Wave. CDJ is a reef wave that transitions quickly from deep water to shallow (albeit not much so at the peak). This enables the wave to augment its size relative to other spots by 1.5. The right is somewhat [...] More...
  • May 07 
    [ Comment ] Tybee pier Pay Parking Island Wide. Don't think you will have access to ANY parts of the beach on Tybee Island. The city has implemented an Island Wide Pay to Park! Any place you park cost -- per hour! Tybee Island is not visitor fri [...] More...
  • May 04 
    [ Comment ] Ujung bocur go and stay in Ujung Bocur. Most people take a plane from Jakarta to south sumatra then a taxi, it is a bit expensive compare to the bus that go directly from Jakarta, the road is not that good but it is the cheapest way and qui [...] More...
  • Mar 18 
    [ Comment ] The point Hash and Family surf camp. Absolutly bad place to avoid ! Was sick because of food and paid 60 usd per day whereas the other places are 30 usd... The manager tried to make me pay double price for excursions ans is an asshole.. [...] More...
  • Mar 03 
    [ Comment ] Zeto Point - Adak Sitkin Island. I found this photo on a navy guys website from his time stationed on Adak in 1970-71. This exact photo from Bill Linhart's web site was listed as taken on Sitkin Island
  • Mar 01 
    [ Comment ] White Alice Photos. I came across the 2 photos listed for "White Alice" in a YouTube video. It was done by a military guy who was stationed there in 1987 to 1988. The YouTube thing was a bunch of still photos made into a [...] More...
  • Feb 28 
    [ Comment ] Sprat bay 2014. Went there on holiday no waves in February. Gate is locked and seems a hassle to get to beach without someone harassing you. It is a private area so public access is stealthy at the best.
  • Feb 11 
    [ Comment ] Lanzarote Accommodations in Lanzarote. For a place close to the spot check LanzaroteLanzarote dot com
  • Feb 01 
    [ Comment ] British Virgin Tortola Surf Classic 2014. The BVI will be having its annual surfing competition Tortola Surf Classic this February 15th and 16th. If you're surfing in the BVI on t [...] More...
  • Dec 02 
    [ Comment ] Delta left . Wow, unbelievable! Did you also try it out with a "normal" surf board?? Any chance it works in winter / this time oy year??
  • Dec 02 
    [ Comment ] Delta left . Wow, unbelievable! Did you also try it out with a "normal" surf board?? Any chance it works in winter / this time oy year??
  • Nov 28 
    [ Comment ] Morocco Surfari Casa to Agadir - Motorcaravan. Anyone has info 4 hiring a motorcaravan for a surfari (Casa thru` Agadir) next February? PLEASE

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