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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Best videos

Surf session at Varazze on 17/12/2011
Shot with the GoPro Hero2 at 60fps, slow motion done in Quicktime.
4-Pass Encoded with Sorenson Squeeze.
Rider: Marlon Lipke (DEU)

Stay tuned as I will upload more surf clips during my stay at Varazze this winter. Check out the Surf Varazze album on Vimeo:
If you know any of the riders let me know!
If you ARE a rider, the closer you rip it, the better my shots.

Varazze rocks!

The best videos will be featured on my personal website which I am currently completely re-doing for 2012.

An interesting test with YouTube's "stabilize" filter here: 00:10


crazy slab double up right on the rocks
stairs on the wave.
slbas in Europe
surf portugal
cave the beast 00:17



La Bestia

Protest takes you on a journey "From here to there" with 5 of their professional surfers, following them on their journey from their personal here to get there, whether it's a search for solitude and empty breaks, winning contests under pressure or simply searching for the perfect wave in imperfect locations. 

Lars Musschoot travels his "here to there" through the waters from Norway to Tarifa, Spain, where he hunts down perfect surf with empty line-ups. 02:27


Best photos

surf photo

The Pass

surf photo

Praia da amor

surf photo


surf photo

El chinchorro
Dominican Republic

  What's up

  • Feb 07 
    [ Surf spot ] Leptis Magna Libya
  • Feb 06 
    [ Surf spot ] Olon Ecuador
  • Feb 06 
    [ Surf spot ] Riptides Maldives
  • Feb 06 
    [ Surf spot ] Freight Trains Nicaragua
  • Feb 06 
    [ Surf spot ] Boa Indonesia, Savu Sea
  • Feb 06 
    [ Surf spot ] Do'o Island Indonesia, Savu Sea
  • Feb 06 
    [ Surf spot ] Pero Indonesia, Savu Sea
  • Feb 06 
    [ Photo ] Ar Loïs France, Brittany South.
  • Feb 06 
    [ Surf spot ] Ar Loïs France, Brittany South
  • Feb 06 
    [ Surf spot ] Granites Australia, SA, Nullarbor
  • Feb 06 
    [ Surf spot ] Sandon River Australia, NSW, North
  • Feb 06 
    [ Surf spot ] Camber sands UK, South East
  • Feb 06 
    [ Surf spot ] Pounders USA, Hawaii, Oahu
  • Feb 01 
    [ Photo ] Waterfalls Samoa Western. The right that breaks just off the end of the village
  • Jan 29 
    [ Photo ] Wissant France, Normandy. SUP OCT/2015 wissant
  • Jan 29 
    [ Photo ] Forestry New Zealand, New Zealand NI, NE Coast.
  • Jan 29 
    [ Photo ] Iztapa Guatemala.
  • Jan 29 
    [ Photo ] Iztapa Guatemala.
  • Jan 29 
    [ Photo ] Iztapa Guatemala.
  • Jan 29 
    [ Photo ] Punta sur Colombia, Caribbean.
  • Jan 29 
    [ Photo ] The lane USA, California, Santa Cruz.
  • Jan 29 
    [ Photo ] Jackals Indonesia, Sumatra Islands. Jackal barrels
  • Jan 29 
    [ Photo ] Jackals Indonesia, Sumatra Islands. view from Casarina Simeulue cafe
  • Jan 29 
    [ Photo ] Praia Grande North Brazil, Sao Paulo North Coast. UBATUBA NOSERIDERS LONGBOARD SURF TEAM
  • Jan 29 
    [ Photo ] Praia Grande North Brazil, Sao Paulo North Coast. UBATUBA NOSERIDERS LONGBOARD SURF TEAM

  New site infos

  • May 02 
    [ Info ] New Wannasurf : What do you think about ? The layout of Wannasurf has totally changed. Tell us what do you think about on the forum !

    Post edited by: admin, at: 2010/05/03 02:15
  • May 02 
    [ Info ] Wannasurf - Maintenance ! The maintenance is on. We will open wannasurf gradually. Be patient ! :-)
  • Apr 27 
    [ Info ] Wannasurf major upgrade Wannasurf will be closed on Saturday 1st, may 2010 (between 2 PM to 6 PM GMT) for maintenance reason. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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