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Hi ,

It's been like waiting for a set wave but finally its here - it now looks much prettier and has some new gizmos. Some we will tell you about, some you'll just have to find for yourselves.

Firstly, it has a new and shiny coat of paint - wannasurf comes kicking and screaming with its new look. Goth, Punk ? No we were really boring and went for functionality and style. All the usual stuff is still there - this is, after all, an atlas of surf spots and a user community; so you can browse or add surf spots, dream a little in your office... and connect up with like minded surfers.

After paying tribute to all the good old stuff - what's new?

Did I mention that it has a nice new look and feel (OK OK, lets move on, but we really do like it :-)

Videos: you can now embed videos directly onto surf spot pages - we haven't built an encoder into wannasurf, since we figured YouTube have that little corner of the market quite well sorted - so you can embed YouTube videos directly onto their relevant surf spot. I can just see how this is going to boost your office productivity ! How to do this? Well, find a video on that is of surfing at a surf spot, copy the URL, then go to the surf spot on and find the 'add video' link. Then just paste the link into the box. Easy as that.

nýr multi-tungumála tengi : which might, or might not, depending on the strength of Google's translation service, introduce the multi-language interface on wannasurf. That being said, or probably not said because its supposedly Icelandic, wannasurf is now available in French, with Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian and Japanese coming soon - and who knows what else after: in fact if you want to see wannasurf in your local language, there is a (big) translation file which you could translate. Right-to-left languages (you know who you are, אתה יודע מי אתה : كنت أعرف من أنت) may be too much to deal with at the moment. To be clear, we have not attempted to translate the comments or blog ramblings of users - just the main navigation interface.

If that title does actually insult your grandmother's cat, or the God of Volcanoes, or whatever else it isn't meant to, we apologize profusely and will do better next time, honest!

Hope you will enjoy this new version as much as we do.


Wannasurf Team

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