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Sunday, 07 October 2007, a new website that lets you
customize a surfboard online, now gives you access to even more shapers. Since
the site was launched just a couple months ago, surfers worldwide have taken
advantage of the site’s exceptional service, convenience and access to top shapers.
New Shaping Talent
The shapers on are expert craftsmen who have dedicated
their lives to designing and building the very best wave riding equipment. Until now,
this scope of talent has never been assembled in one shop, or been accessible to
every level of surfer worldwide. Some of the newest shapers to join include Jeff "Doc" Lausch of Surf Prescriptions, Bill
Shrosbree, Bob Mitsven, David Barr, Bill Minard, Tim Griffin and Steve Barto.
Custom Built for You
On you can choose your board style and pick your shaper.
Board specs are completely customizable--from thickness, length and tail type, to fin
set-up, glassing options and color. The site is the only place
where you can use a patent pending process to customize a board online, and get
the level of quality that will bring out the best in your surfing ability. is a convenient one-stop shop for surfers looking for the
quality that comes from working with a true craftsman.