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Session: Loner lol

Written by littlepinkwave show littlepinkwave profile

Thursday August 2 2007 06:20:17 AM

Surf spot: Malibu, United States of America

Session's Rate:

Wind direction: Offshore

Nb waves ridden: 8

Length of the surf session: 420 min

Surfboard ridden: Comstume fish

Fins: tri

Weather and water temp: 65

Waves height: 1.5m / 5ft

Waves Quality:
- Fun

Waves Shape:
- Close out


    This was interseting for me because, this was the first time I had ever gone surfing all by myself in a unfamiliar place.  I just started trying to surf ever two months this year.  I love it to death but live 5 hours from the nearest surf spot.  I had done it a couple times the year before and knew I was hooked.  So still trying to figure out a way to move closer not to mention I would also have to convinced my husband of this.  I think he at times thinks I'm a bit obsessed  which I just say, "Well yeah, LOL.  Anyways sorry on with my story.  The first hour or so I basically sat there.  They guys there seemed pretty local and of course I didn't want to push my way in.  So I waited and waited.  But finally this older gent swam over and said,  "You going to sit there or are you going to surf."  So then he introduced me to the little gang they had.  After that everyone seemed friendly for the most part.  I don't know if I would have really ever picked this spot.  Except taht I friend was getting married near there and that was the only place I could sneak away to.  it was kind of dirty and not the best waves.  But when you are surfing how can you not have fun.  




Created: Friday December 7 2007 06:29:09 AM

Modified: Friday December 7 2007 06:29:09 AM

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