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Surf sessions of Peru

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  Date Surf spot Session's Rate Wind direction Waves height Author  
Show 26-03-2008 Triangulo mmoragues
Show 25-03-2008 San Bartolo Splaktar
Show 24-03-2008 San Bartolo Splaktar
Show 23-03-2008 Cerro Azul mmoragues
Show 22-03-2008 La Pampilla mmoragues
Show 21-03-2008 San Bartolo mmoragues
Show 20-03-2008 La Pampilla mmoragues
Show 20-03-2008 San Bartolo Splaktar
Show 19-03-2008 La Pampilla mmoragues
Show 18-03-2008 La Pampilla mmoragues
Show 17-03-2008 La Pampilla mmoragues
Show 17-03-2008 San Bartolo Splaktar
Show 16-03-2008 La Pampilla mmoragues
Show 15-03-2008 San Bartolo Splaktar
Show 13-03-2008 San Bartolo Splaktar
Show 12-03-2008 San Bartolo Splaktar
Show 11-03-2008 La Pampilla mmoragues
Show 05-03-2008 La Pampilla mmoragues
Show 01-03-2008 La Pampilla jpcarre
Show 29-02-2008 La Pampilla mmoragues
Show 29-02-2008 Makaha Splaktar
Show 28-02-2008 San Bartolo Splaktar
Show 27-02-2008 Cerro Azul mmoragues
Show 26-02-2008 La Pampilla mmoragues
Show 25-02-2008 Makaha Splaktar
Show 25-02-2008 Makaha Splaktar
Show 23-02-2008 Playa Norte mmoragues
Show 23-02-2008 Playa Norte Splaktar
Show 22-02-2008 San Bartolo Splaktar
Show 21-02-2008 La Isla Splaktar
Show 19-02-2008 Pasamayo mmoragues
Show 16-02-2008 San Bartolo Splaktar
Show 16-02-2008 San Bartolo mmoragues
Show 15-02-2008 La Pampilla mmoragues
Show 15-02-2008 San Bartolo Splaktar
Show 13-02-2008 La Pampilla mmoragues
Show 11-02-2008 San Bartolo Splaktar
Show 11-02-2008 San Bartolo mmoragues
Show 10-02-2008 Playa Norte mmoragues
Show 10-02-2008 La Pampilla jpcarre
Show 09-02-2008 La Pampilla mmoragues
Show 05-02-2008 San Bartolo Splaktar
Show 05-02-2008 Puerto Viejo mmoragues
Show 04-02-2008 La Pampilla mmoragues
Show 01-02-2008 La Pampilla mmoragues
Show 28-01-2008 San Bartolo Splaktar
Show 22-01-2008 La Pampilla jpcarre
Show 22-01-2008 San Bartolo Splaktar
Show 20-01-2008 La Isla Splaktar
Show 20-01-2008 La Pampilla jpcarre
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