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Session: any day with swell

Written by peet show peet profile

Saturday November 10 2012 06:13:20 AM

Surf spot: Pleasure Point, United States of America

Nb waves ridden: 3

Length of the surf session: 120 min

Surfboard ridden: short

Fins: 3/4

Weather and water temp: any sunny day

Waves height: 1.5m / 5ft

Waves Quality:
- Mushy
- Soft
- Ordinary
- Fun
- Ledgey
- Powerful
- Fast
- Hollow
- Bumpy

Waves Shape:
- Walls
- One peak
- Multipeaks
- Bowl
- Close out


People, please start making an effort to get out of the way when people are up and riding waves.  This starts before the wave is 10 or 20 feet from you.  You should be able to tell long before the wave gets to you whether you should go into the whitewater or over the shoulder away to the left of the curl on a right breaking wave.  If you can't get clear of the rider's path, and the rideable part of the breaking face, you should be paddling into the whitewater.  If you are paddling to the shoulder, you should be paddling AWAY from the rider so that you don't interfere with the rider's cutback, or force them to slow down.

When you position yourself in the water, waiting for waves, if the surfer to your left is better than you, you're in the wrong spot.  Skilled surfers sit as deep as their ability allows them to sit without ruining waves for others.  If you're less skilled than the surfer to your left, all you're likely doing is paddling for a bunch of waves you don't know yourself whether you'll make (because your ability level's not good) and making life miserable for surfers who would be allowing waves to pass to you if you would just be respectful and sit to their left.  You can't get down the line as fast as a surfer with a better skill level than you, and that means you really have no business sitting deeper than them.  It's a kook move to even try, so don't be surprised when they guy who surfs pretty well that you've been trying to sit inside of all days yells at you the first chance he gets.

When you surf with consideration for others, everybody gets more waves, especially you if you're not as good as others in the line-up.  It's been way out of hand for years, but lately it's been really, really, really bad.


Created: Saturday November 10 2012 06:15:43 AM

Modified: Saturday November 10 2012 06:15:43 AM

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