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Session: nice weekend

Written by mikisnotametroman show mikisnotametroman profile

Sunday June 24 2007 09:30:00 AM

Surf spot: The Pass, Australia

Session's Rate:

Wind direction: Offshore

Wind Strength: Established

Nb waves ridden: don't know

Length of the surf session: 420 min

Surfboard ridden: 6'5

Fins: 3

Weather and water temp: coldish, don't know in degrees but probably around 18c water temp

Waves height: 1m-1.2m / 3ft-4ft

Waves Quality:
- Fun
- Powerful
- Fast

Waves Shape:
- Walls


Well, I went to byron with some friends and it was supposed to be a lot bigger than what it was... i think thats because we were at the pass and not a more southerly facing beach which would have picked up more swell.  pretty huge crowds as you would expect being the first weekend of the school holidays.  I still had heaps of fun though, nearnly ran over a heap of kooks that kept getting in the way but i guess thats just something you have to deal with at this place. it's such a bummer that it's gotten so crowded because it's such a nice break... good for everyone as there's bigger waves out the back that taper down as they roll along the point. perfect place for beginners as they seem to already know because there's plenty of them.  kinda good in that sense that there are alot of rookies and therefore if you've got any idea you'll do alright.


Created: Monday July 2 2007 06:13:22 AM

Modified: Monday July 2 2007 06:13:22 AM

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