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Session: Crowded, but good waves, watch your head!

Written by Splaktar show Splaktar profile

Monday March 5 2007 03:00:00 PM

Surf spot: La Isla, Peru

Session's Rate:

Wind direction: No wind

Wind Strength: Light

Nb waves ridden: 7

Length of the surf session: 150 min

Surfboard ridden: Bodyboard

Weather and water temp: ~75 F, 65 F

Waves height: 1.5m / 5ft

Waves Quality:
- Ordinary
- Fun

Waves Shape:
- Multipeaks


After a few visits to Playa Norte, I decided to walk over to La Isla to check it out. Had lunch at one of the places in front of the beach and sat upstairs to check out the waves. There were a lot of children catching the small shore break with bodyboards.

Out about 40m from there was a nice right that breaks away from a bunch of rocks near the boardwalk area. There were a good deal of surfers in this area and some of them were able to catch the wave all the way to the beach, a nice ride. The only problem was that they had to dodge about 50 bodyboard/surfers in the way, and then at the beach there were tons of kids. I saw multiple collisions and many more near collisions. Lots of kids with very sharp pointed boards who didn't care who was in front of them. One Brazillian surfer returned to the hotel with a decent hole in his back from getting rammed by a sharp board.

Out a lot farther there appeared to be a reef break that looked pretty big and fun (Kon Tiki), but was a bit too much for me. You can enter near the beach (long swim) or you can enter up the boardwalk a ways near where the rocks jut out into the water (good swimmers only, lots of rocks).

The shore break was pretty fun with the bodyboard. It's easy to eat sand though. Huge beach area with few rocks. Waves closed out pretty quick here though.

The second area is where I spent most of my time and had a blast. I was able to avoid getting hit by other people (had to bail and duck under the water a few times). Lots of competition for waves but I was able to catch my share.

Nice beach area to take a break on between sessions (though crowded in summer). Local shops/restaurants with fresh fish, cold drinks, ice cream, etc. Not sure how busy this area is during other parts of the year, but the city is settled by a good deal of permanent residents, so it's not a total ghost town.


Created: Saturday March 24 2007 05:32:59 PM

Modified: Saturday March 24 2007 05:35:30 PM

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