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Session: Best waves in a while

Written by Splaktar show Splaktar profile

Saturday August 8 2009 06:00:00 PM

Surf spot: 2nd Light, United States of America

Session's Rate:

Wind direction: Onshore

Wind Strength: Established

Nb waves ridden: 10

Length of the surf session: 90 min

Surfboard ridden: 8'6" Longboard

Fins: 1

Weather and water temp: 94 F air, 83 F water

Waves height: 1m-1.2m / 3ft-4ft

Waves Quality:
- Bumpy


Finally had some spare time when some swells showed up (small is better than nothing).  The tide was coming in, but the waves were still solid.  It was my second session of the day here and the wind was a bit stronger, but I didn't mind the chop as long as there was something to surf.

Some other locals were complaining about the crowds, but even for a Saturday it was pretty quiet.  I guess they are used to surfing with less than 5 people within sight?  I had no problems with other surfers getting in my way during either session.  There were 3 solid sandbars breaking so people were spread out and everyone was catching waves.

I talked to some other locals and they were friendly.  The weather in the late afternoon was much better than earlier.  The water felt so hot in my first session combined with the sun.  I was actually wishing for some 70 F water to cool me down.

Lots of jumping and spinning fish in the lineup, which of couse also ment lots of pelicans.  Thankfully no swimming predators were seen.

Some of the weekend crowd left soda cans and plastic bottles all over the beach.  After my session, I chilled out in a chair on the beach with a cold beverage.  Finally as people packed up and I could tell that no one was going to clean up their stuff, I got a bag and filled it with junk to toss in the dumpster.  The beach is quite clean and I'd like it to stay that way.

Anyhow, the waves were fun.  Myself and the others around me were getting as many as we could handle.  Solid sets of 3s were coming every 5 minutes or so.  They were fairly straight on (just slightly from the SE) so there wasn't much sideshore current to deal with this time.


Created: Sunday August 9 2009 07:14:46 AM

Modified: Sunday August 9 2009 07:14:46 AM

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