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Session: dawn patrol

Written by Pisco23 show Pisco23 profile

Thursday July 31 2008 08:10:59 AM

Surf spot: Baleal Sul, Portugal

Surf Trip: Return to Peniche ( 21 July 2008 - 02 August 2008)

Session's Rate:

Wind direction: No wind

Wind Strength: Glassy

Nb waves ridden: 12

Length of the surf session: 60 min

Surfboard ridden: Safari 7.6

Fins: fcs

Weather and water temp: cold and grey

Waves height: 1m-1.2m / 3ft-4ft

Waves Quality:
- Fun
- Powerful


The best session of the vacation...  rocked up early and it was overcast and gloomy and full low-tide, which didn't look good, as the peaks had been working best at mid-high tide.


One guy floundering in shallow water on a foamy, otherwise the breaks were deserted.  We headed to the peak just to the left of the bach bars, which looked the most consistent.  Once out we were not disappointed - it was bigger than it looked, and significantly bigger than yesterday's (small) surf - the set waves on the peak were shifting around - maybe two swell directions coming in?  but the walls were dominantly lefts, which stated with good size take-offs (over head-hight on the face) and then opened into nice long faces - with rides of 70-100m

when gabe went in, I took the RR 8.6 and had fun - alone.


Middle of July in "crowded" peniche - and I was alone in the water!


Created: Thursday July 31 2008 06:32:59 PM

Modified: Thursday July 31 2008 06:32:59 PM

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