First ever Solo Surf at Baler, Aurora, Philippines
(Friday, 24 May 2013) Written by jazzyrache show jazzyrache profile

April 2013 marks the first ever surfing experience of my life. It was during this time that I have decided that I would be a professional surfer someday. Age does not matter as long as one wills it and claims it! :) My first ever surfing experience was in an artificial wave pool being pushed by the instructor. It was a great experience, but it was definitely way awesome surfing the real waves! Since it was two years ago since I last rode a board, I had to go over the basics and had the surfing instructor at Baler push me for the first hour, after that I tried surfing on my own. I used an 8' 2.0  soft performance surfboard by Greco (rented for 350/hr with 1 hour surf lessons). I was able to ride most waves and it was really person-friendly. For the next few hours, I used a mini-mal(can be rented for 400/half day). i tried paddling on my own without an instructor's cue to stand...well, there were some waves that i lost and some that i was able to ride. It was really tough for me because I had to paddle on my own, no more pushing, and boy was it tiring! By lunchtime, my arms got tired and I decided to continue surfing the next day. 

The next morning, our friend instructor, King Tangson, made me use a semi-pro board and i had a hard time balancing myself because I wasnt used to using a 6'-7'. i felt like i was going to fall but he told me to keep still and just make sure that I stay in the middle of the board. He taught me how to paddle correctly and how to read the waves coming but of course he said it takes time and frequent surfing to be able to really know. Though, I didnt get to surf as much because of time constraints, I am still proud to say that I am already able to surf on my own!

Come June, I will be coming back to Baler and hopefully, there would be ample waves(off season) to ride on. :) 

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