China Smartphone Manufacturers Are Doing A Great Job
(Wednesday, 08 May 2013) Written by niaodruid show niaodruid profile

When people all over the world talk about how Samsung, HTC and iPhone cool, but few people realized that a lot of China manufacturers make enormous amount of money. While all of the Chinese mobile phone suppliers I work with believe that layers of complexion in a marketplace covers up the true cost of commodity products (and thus increases profits), I think transparency opens minds and channels of communication between buyers and supplier.

Better educated clients may require lower pricing because they know the market better, but educated clients also present a better opportunity for a successful long term relationship. But like anything else the longer I've been in this business the more about it I've uncovered and I'm now able to share with you. For example, China onda smartphone combined some features of iPhone and Android and make this phone remarkably awesome.

Name brand phones most likely will have many testers and researchers whose primary concern is the appearance and feeling of a phone. They work a long, long time testing different appearances and designs in an effort in an attempt to produce a phone with a good look and that falls with a certain price range given to them from above.

Chinese off brand phones almost always skip this step. They usually will obtain a pre-existing phone case molding and then use their own electronics and components inside. Thl android phones are effects of these innovative processes. These moldings are often based on internationally famous brands like the iPhone or a BlackBerry, and doing so makes a big proportion of the Chinese manufactured phones look like fakes (in fact, that often is exactly what they have in mind when they buy the molding in the first place). Why this is so, besides trying to piggyback on a famous brands good looks, is that it costs less to buy a molding for a phone than it is to do all the research, and produce your own.

Even more fortuitously for the Chinese market, these chipsets are the set of processors and the mastermind of touch-screen phones. Aided with Google's Android operating system which is free to use, producing smartphones became even easier to replicate. The points of difference which set apart brand-name smartphones and the Chinese phones are only cost and name. Everything else is quite the same which can be seen in the quality and manufacturing techniques of the Chinese phones.

China manufacturers are very good at marketing in western world, they know how to take advantages of popular social network, mail marketing, etc. I found gadgetsdealer create a board on Pinterest, and did a great job, I'm impressed.

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