I am so stoked on my new board I wanted to share this girls new site!!!!
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Being a surfer girl I am always looking for the latest and greatest new thing when it comes to surfing. So when I run into something I love I can't help but write about it. So here is the link below if you are a surfer girl go check it out!!!
The reason me being so excited if you are not familiar with the surfer world it is still in a few way a male predominant sport. So us girls are finally stepping it up and saying we are just as good if not better than the boys. We have girls like Malia Manuel who still being quite young is taking surfing to a whole new level. Or girls like Holly Beck and Lisa Anderson who are just a couple of the girls who paved the way for competitive women's surfing. We have Beth Hamilton who brings the heart and grace to the surfer world and inspires all of us to thrive to do are best. Not letting anything get in her way. We are getting more and more amazing women that truly inspire us. Each and every year I can't be more stoked about our ladies out there.
So I am so stoked to be able to buy a women's specific surf short board, shaped and made for my body type. These boards aren't just cute but they are top quality material so you can really shred. I just got the Vixen and I couldn't be if you cannot tell be more in love. Also if you have Facebook go like and check out her facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/ChickSticks

Seriously this girl rocks!!!!  She helped me pick out the board that suited me best.  I was as  you can see so impressed!!!  Much love





Peace love surf,Autumn

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