Storms travels
(Tuesday, 26 July 2011) Written by wipeout 5 show wipeout 5 profile
AWEEEEE, living the life. Have been traveling in mozambique for a while. the place is magical with unridden world class breaks around every bend, without even looking we found a small heaven like bay consisting of A barreling slab joining up to a 500 meter point break and a super bank. its a great place to go and i think anyone who can should take the opportunity, just wach the malaria it sux ass. We also found more great waves at our next stop, a funneling reef at the top of a beutiful sand point lined with a cocoanut palm jungle. it was awesome but not for my brother as he got sick in malaria with my mom stabbing close to a hundred holes into the top of his finger trying to give him a malaria test LOL smilies/grin.gif . pretty soon i also got malaria, 3 words: IT SUCKS ASSS. another thing to wach out for is the coco nuts, the thing you hear about falling coco nuts killing people is'nt a freaken joke man, on three occasions we were almost struck down by a falling coco nut once missing my brother by half a meter, seriously people dont park yourself of your car under a coco nut palm for your own well being.
Make a mission up the coast and enjoy guis and girls. ill continue this story once im out of this waveless, buthole place called sweden and on our boat happily on our way to peurto rico, untill then cheers bros
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