Muscle Cat and Ear Worm
(Wednesday, 15 June 2011) Written by Seeker Surf Camp show Seeker Surf Camp profile

Some words do not translate so easily from German to English and topping the list of funny mistranslation this month is:Ohrwurm directly translates from German to English as “Earworm”. The song that is stuck in your head.

Muskelkater is “male muscle cat” which mean muscle ache/soreness. 

We had about 20 visitors in May and along with the good weather, it almost seems like summer is already in full-swing!

Flo went in for an early solo surf one morning after he had set-up our amazing daily breakfast, and met Matt in the water. He’s an Aussie who is cycling through Spain and Portugal with his just his necessities and a surfboard. They shared some waves and Flo invited him in to hang out with us! Sebi and Peter left Raindow Surf Camp in Moliet to join us enroute to Peniche, and also convinced Anna, Katrin and Maya to stop on by. With Julian, Sebi and Danni learning to surf all over again. Check out the pict. of Sebi from his last session! Nice one!

My birthday last weekend was celebrated with the inauguration of our basement bar. Maik put his crafty skills to work, built us a nice hang-out space for party hour! Schwarz Hot Zone’s Hubi and Hannes gave us a concert and I especially liked the impromptu punk rendition of a birthday ballad to me! Thanks Hannes! Hubi ended the concert with a bucket-smashing drum set. The bartender rotation included Maik, Pinti, and Flo on deck. We polished off some rum, whiskey, and also a peculiar bottle of honey liquor.  Maik took off the next day from A Coruna by bus towards Porto, for his flight to Germany, and we were soon joined by Stanzi and Kati, and also Molly and Marie-Claude.

Marie-Claude was on her way home from a few months in Oz, and Molly, the evo hook-up took some time out for a few surf days while touring Spain. They did part of the Camino de Santiago together, visited San Sebastian, and Bilbao before leaving Basque Country for Galicia! Thanks chicas for the good times and helping us with outnumbering the guys!

Our good friend Stanzi, Seeker Surf Camp's super sick 2011 flyer Designerin, is here to for a short 10-day visit with Kati. Kati has showed us her amazing style and is officially banned from surfing any more foam! She woke up to glassy small surf this morning and was in the water before breakfast! She was joined by the world's best surfers! No! Not Kelly Slater, RIP Andy Irons, Mick Fanning, Rob Machado, Donovan, or Dave Rastowich... The DOLPHINS!

Julian’s edit has also been posted on our Vimeo account. Do check it out!

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