Original Seekers Weeks
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Original Seekers Weeks

In the first 2 weeks of May we've seen a variety of swells, allowing us to surf in a variety of spots in the Ferrolterra area. Spots we surfed include San Xorxo, Ponzos, Campelo, Lago, Baleo, Villarube, Covas, and right in front of the house, the main peak of Valdoviño. DTM (Dan the Man) was here and whipped us into shape with his boot camp / surf-a-thon. He was determined to get barreled and land an aerial, and he managed to do both! He didn't claim his aerial, but I saw him get like 3 feet of air and land on his board. Yeah... NLS... Next Level Surfing!

The weather has been good, but the wind has been rather strong at times. Waves everyday so we're pretty happy. Hustling in the morning and getting out there early has always resulted in good rides! Sometimes being patient and waiting till the last couple of hours of the day to go worked to our advantage too. Mother-nature teaches a great deal, and everyone is happy to experience the beauty of the pristine nature that is Galicia!

Fenky and Mona just arrived yesterday. Tini Gruber from Zillertal, and Maik will be arriving tomorrow. eeeeöööö!!!! Maik has been here before and is no stranger to the surf, but this is Tini's first surf trip! We're excited for her to get her feet wet in the surf. Mona's prediction is that... she will be pissed off and happy at the same time.
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