On top of Old Baldy all covered with snow ...
(Friday, 25 February 2011) Written by DrC123 show DrC123 profile
:-) By the dawn's early light, loaded up the Solara for a Mt Baldy ski trip. Bought some new Tecnica Dragon ski boots, Italian made in Romania, for my Atomics'made in Austria, the EU in action! Heavy traffic, so had to do some freeway jumping, like three! Climbing up Mountain Ave, hit low cloud at 4,000 feet and patches of ice, was getting worried about going to be a whiteout (still remember getting caught in a really bad one at the top of Mammoth Mountain, puked my guts from vertigo, before I got down) but by the time I pulled into the lower parking lot ... Bluebird. Bloody cold in the shade, with a light and variable, but biting breeze. First run the new boots (which you adjust with an Allen Key and a Screwdriver) cut off the blood flow to my left foot, aagh! After I got them adjusted, a big improvement in control, over my old but comfortable, Humanics'. Got in a dozen good ones, riding big arc's on my toes (with the forward cant of the boots). Good snow conditions, freshly groomed and very fast hard pack. Took a break for lunch and to free my poor feet! Breeze had picked up, my face was frozen by the time I got to the top! Thought, lets do a speed burner, big mistake! Full blast through Toilet Bowl caught an edge and wham bam, skipping and sliding head first, forever! Finished in a face plant in a mound of snow, and I though my face was cold before! Had to struggle back up the hill to recover one ski and my poles. Panting like a dog .. that's it, don't push your luck! Home James and beat the traffic!
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