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11 years ago
11 years ago
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Shortboard / Thruster
In Progression
Right Reef, Beach Break
People always say- sharks... okay I just wanted to say i'm one of them too. But i love the sharks. And if some shark is goin to attack me and i'll get eaten- so be it. I'm the one that enters THEIR world. But they don't come to ours. So that's what everyone should understand. You gotta respect the ocean. Pray for the ocean and keep it in your heart.
follow the ones who consider it a religion

Personnal info

east coast
Young Gun (14-19yrs)
MUSIC, surfing, XC MTB, blonde surfer girls, pacific ocean, palm trees, crystal/turquoise blue water, tropical weather, coral reefs, Australia, aussie people, Polynesia -my home my home my home, polynesian people, Samoa, Marqueasas, Tonga, New Zealand, Hawaii,.. New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne....
Europe... yes the place and idea that I really foooking hate. But thats all
Unemployed Resting Travelling
English, Other
Surf, Treckking, Kayac, Skiing, Mountain biking, Horseriding
Free-diving, long-distance swimming
endless summer .. haha
Sergio Bambaren - The Dolphin. its like my bible

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