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8 years ago
3 years ago
8 years ago
Fresh Boarder
Fresh Boarder

My Surf Profile

Shortboard / Thruster
Established (6-9 yrs)
In Progression
Once or twice a week
La Paz, Punta Roca, El Cocal, San Blas, La Bocana, Sunzal, El Palmar, El Zonte.
Las Flores, El Zonte
Double Overhead
Right Pointbreak
Top Turn, Tube, Cutback, Rondhouse Cutback, Aerial, Aerial 360°, Floater
Drop knee, Tube, 720°, Air Roll Spin, Reverse Off the Lip, Barrel Spin, El Rollo, Reverse Rollo, Backflip
En Playa Las Flores en el Oriente de El Salvador cuando esta de mas 6 pies las olas se ponen increibles.
Quedarme sin aire dentro del agua y no poder salir a la superficie.
Slater, Reynolds, Julian Wilson, Jimmy Rotherham, Gabril Villaran, El Policia, El Loco Loco

My Quiver

3- Thrusther
Al Merrick
Still Sexy

My Surftrips

Playa Hermosa en Costa Rica.
Nicaragua en agosto.
2 or 3 times a year
2 or 3 weeks
Yes, with friends
Proximity to good waves, Warm water, Price, Lack of crowds, Night life, Meet people

Personnal info

Antiguo Cuscatlan
El Salvador
Stylin (25-29yrs)
surf, musica, filmar, fotografia y salir.
Self Employed
San Salvador
English, Spanish
Surf, BMX, Mountaining
ska, punk, reggae, rock, hip hop, rap, alternativo.
second thoughts, las peliculas de Taylor Steele, in God hands, surfing Peru, retache X
las peliculas de Quintin Tarantino, Kubrick, Scorsese, fight club, american history X
los de Jose Saramago, Vargas Llosa

Surfed Spots

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Costa rica

2 surf spots

Pacific South

Surf Spot GPS Atlas Rate Level Direction Type Session SS HS WL  
Hermosa Regional Classic All surfers Right and left Beach-break 0 / 5 444 26 19
Jaco Beach Normal All surfers Right and left Beach-break 0 / 9 429 8 15


1 surf spots


Surf Spot GPS Atlas Rate Level Direction Type Session SS HS WL  
Puerto Escondido Totally Epic Experienced surfers Right and left Beach-break 0 / 1 199 14 25

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Surf Trips

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10/11/2007 05:05:36Re:el salvadorQuestions mailed to Wannasurf6249


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