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Peace Frog

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11 years ago
11 years ago
11 years ago

My Surf Profile

Shortboard / Thruster, Longboard, Fish, Skimboard
Established (6-9 yrs)
All Conditions Surfer
Every day
19-25th Street, Surf City and Cumberland and Atlantic Avenue, Harvey Cedars
My local spots and Avon Pier area on the Banks.
Right Pointbreak, Beach Break
Drop In, Bottom Turn, Top Turn, Tube, Cutback, Rondhouse Cutback, Snap, Layback, Hang Five, Hang Ten
There are two. The first I wiped out and the board smacked me inside of the head and I blacked out underwater for I guess just a few seconds or so. Woke up scared as hell, had no idea where I was, then realized it, surfaced choked up a little water then threw up a lot of water a few hours later. The second one was when I pulled into about an 8 or 9 foot barrel, it closed out my head smashed my new board and I got held under for 2 waves and then 3 more broke on my head.
Joel Tudor, Dan Malloy, Rob Machado, Nat Young, Beau Young, Mick Fanning, Taj Burrow

My Quiver

3- Thrusther
Al Merrick
Still Sexy
Flyer model
This board is very versetle. It's a great east coast board, and can be surfed in most conditions here. A little wider and thicker than the average shortboard, it can catch small surf. However, it's made from ultra light foam so it definatly can manuver well.
Fish Style
2- Fish
A machine
5' 10"x 21 1/2"x 2 5/8"
Well Used
It's a machine made board. A cheapo. But still a great board.
Fast down the line board. Great for turns. Excels in 1-6' surf, mushy or perfect.
3- Thrusther
Rusty Preisendorfer
6' 6"
Well Used
Rusty "Project" model
I use this board for hurricanes and large nor'easters. Its ultra fast, and rides the tube well, provided I don't get clipped.This is the one I smashed my head into.
1- Single
9' 2"
Still Sexy
Another cheapo.
This is a combination high performance, and nose rider. I only use one fin, and its all the way up, real loose. I ride it with a leash and its most often what I use in the winter. I've ridden it from 1-7 foot waves and it does well in all conditions. Its allows me to fight currents, catch lots of waves when I am restricted by thick wetsuit gear, and makes the drop smoothly and beats the sections.
1- Single
10' log
Well Used
Pearson Arrow custom shape.
rounded squash
I bought this board for 50 dollars. Its been spray painted sky blue and has my friend's artwork on it. I only ride this board when its 4' and under. Walking the nose, catching every wave, soul turns and ruining the shortboarder's day is what this board does best.

My Surftrips

The Banks in April, 2005
The Banks in May, 2006
Cliche Costa Rica January, in 2007
The Banks in May, 2007
Hopefully Sri Lanka.
2 or 3 times a year
Proximity to good waves, Price, Lack of crowds, Owner/guide knowledgeable about area

Personnal info

United States of America
Just In (20-24yrs)
Surfing, skimboarding, music and photography.
Little Egg Harbor
Surf, Fishing
Sprout, Shelter, Somewhere Anywhere Everywhere, A Broke Down Melody, Morning of the Earth

Surfed Spots

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United States of America

3 surf spots

New Jersey

Surf Spot GPS Atlas Rate Level Direction Type SS HS WL  
Cape May Ave. Normal Experienced surfers Right and left Sand-bar 32 3 1
Cedars Regional Classic All surfers Right and left Sand-bar 16
Holoyoke Normal All surfers Right and left Sand-bar 16

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