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11 years ago
11 years ago
11 years ago

My Surf Profile

Shortboard / Thruster, Longboard, Fish, Skimboard, Single / Retro
Established (6-9 yrs)
All Conditions Surfer
Once or twice a month
Ocean City, NJ
North,7th, or 57th streets... occasionally 51st
Right Pointbreak, Beach Break, I love them all
Bottom Turn
I guess late summer, 04', early morning seschion. It was a real foggy one out there that morning so by the time I made it out to the break I turned around to realize the beach was out of sight. Perfect glassy waves just rolled in all morning, appearing just 20 o 30 ft away outta the dense fog. It was unreal, not to mention the set waves were bout head high and spitting nice little tube sections.
Somehow managed to paddle out into ana 8-10ft day at 7th street when I was like 16 yrs old and had only surfed for a couple years. I have no idea how by the grace of god I did not get bombed by a single wave on my way out. Anyway once I got out there, I was one of only maybe 5 or 6 people total... and this was supposed to be the crouded season... just to give u an idea of how rough the conditions were. Anyway, I just sat out there battling the current for a good hour too scared to actually drop into any of the waves. I'd paddle and feel the size and speed of them and just back off outta pure fear. I've never since seen anything of that size in O.C. Wish I would, cause I'd have the skin to try one out now.
The ones I surf with, they're my boys

My Quiver

3- Thrusther
Showing its age
Good beginner board, but its rail thin and can't support my faat ass anymore.
Fish Style
3- Thrusther
Still Sexy
Sick... plus its got sweet graphics, including a full size silquette (sp) of a Hawaiian girl on the deck.

My Surftrips

I've never gone surfing anywhere besides New Jersey... :(
Hopefully somewhere, anywhere, where there are waves and warm water for spring break next March such as Puerto Rico or Mexico.
I have no partner no friends...

Personnal info

Ocean City
United States of America
Just In (20-24yrs)
Being active and being on the beach.
Flat days
Junior staff
Hablo un poco espanol
Surf, Skiing, Fishing, Rock climbing, Other
Collegiate wrestling, exercising
All time favorite is Pearl Jam and lately I've been listening to a lot of Tool and Deftones. Seen PJ and Tool many times, and am seeing Deftones this summer.
The Endless Summer I

Surfed Spots

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Nb of surf spots: 6

United States of America

6 surf spots

New Jersey

Surf Spot GPS Atlas Rate Level Direction Type SS HS WL  
59th Street Pier Normal All surfers Right and left Sand-bar 5
Belmar - 19 Ave Normal All surfers Right and left breakwater/jetty 7
North St. Regional Classic Experienced surfers Right and left Beach-break 12
Ocean City - 1st Catamaran Normal All surfers Right and left Beach-break 6
Ocean City - 7th Street Normal All surfers Right and left Beach-break 50 2 2
Waverly World Class Pros or kamikaze only... Right breakwater/jetty 12 1

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