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10 years ago
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My Surf Profile

Shortboard / Thruster, Egg, Fish, Kneeboard
Respect! (20+ yrs)
All Conditions Surfer
Once or twice a week
San Onofre, CA: Uppers Trestles, Lower Trestles, Middles, Churches, San Onofre state park trails.
Oceanside, CA: Oceanside Harbor, O-side pier, Beach Access, Forster, & O-side Blvd. Carlsbad, CA: Tamarack, Warm waters, Steps, Hole in the wall, & C-bad state park.
Encinitas CA: Grandview, Beacons, D street, & Swami's.
La Jolla CA: Blacks beach
If you're talking about my local spots... I say anywhere in Oceanside because I don't have to drive that far. Oceanside can get super barrelly & can hold up to 8 ft. It's a beach break & for whatever reason, the sand bars are good because there are peaks everywhere!
Tripple Overhead
Right Pointbreak, Right Reef, Beach Break, Left Pointbreak, Left Reef, Wedge / Box
Rondhouse Cutback
I have had a lot of great sessions so this one is a tough one to pick. My best session was at San Onofre state park at one of the trails. My girl & I camped out over there with some friends & we were expecting a nice swell (4-6 ft) that supposed to last for the whole week. The morning we got up, the swell was already here! No joke, my girl & I have the whole place to ourselves. We're both regular footers & we drop in going right riding for 7 to 10 seconds. Paddle straight out & catch a wave going left. Paddle straight out and we're back where we first started. The sand bar were just happening at that time. The surf was head high & occasionally over head and glassy. The waves weren't barrelling but you can almost do everything besides getting barrelled. We did a morning sesh, noon sesh, & an evening sesh. My arms felt like it was about to fall off. And my legs got a good work out as well.
Drowning of course but how you drown is the question! My biggest fear is getting slammed onto a sharp reef & your leash/board is wedged between the reef. And on top of that, the current is strong enough that you can't reach your ankle to unstrap the velcro. But other than that, seeing a great white or tiger shark in the line up.
Males: Slater, Machado, Fanning, the Hobgoods, Dave Rastovich Reynolds, Clay Marzo, & Julian Wilson.
Females: Lisa Anderson, Sofia Mulanovich, Megan Abubo, Rochelle ballard, Carissa Moore, & Coco Ho
I forget exactly the date is but, It was the Oceanside Firefighter classic. I got 2nd place. I also did the Firefighter Olympics (surf contest) but didn't do so very well. I got beat by some pro/am surfer guy that works for Encintas fire dept. and another guy from LA county fire dept.

My Quiver

3- Thrusther
My buddy Butch Ramirez
5'7"x20 1/2x2 1/2
Battered and Bruised
The old typical board made clark foam, fiberglass cloth, & resin.
nothing specific. just kind of thick
It handled Cloudbreak, Fiji at 12 feet. The board is super fast in the barrel. The board is like a skateboard in chest high surf. Airs are so easy to pull off. Being a squash tail, this board can make the flats on small days.
Big barrel at cloudbreak & restaurants.
3- Thrusther
Butch Ramirez
5'7"x20 1/2x2 1/2
Well Used
Everything is the same like Board 1 but the foam is different. What kind? I don't know. I just ask him to make me a board & he uses whatever.
FCS carbon fiber MR-X
More pinchy-er than Board 1
This board can also handle big surf. It handled 13+ surf in El Salvador, Las Flores. However, this board carves a lot better than Board 1 but sucks on the flats on small days. Air are easy on this board as well.
Carving on some huge surf in El Salvador.
4- Quattro
Butch Ramirez
5'7"x20 1/2x2 1/2
Still Sexy
Same stuff as Board 2
FCS um... yeah
more pichy-er than Board 2
It supposed to work on bigger gnarly-er, barrelly-er, faster surf. The tail is narrower than Board 2 to hack some lippers a lot harder. This board sucks on mushy surf.
Oceanside but on a chest high steep surf. Throwing the tail everywhere but the airs are a little harder to pull off.

Personnal info

United States of America
Pushing it (30-40yrs)
To save life, property, & the environment. And to surf.
Crowded breaks
Surf, Scuba, Skate, Golf, Road biking

Surfed Spots

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1 surf spots


Surf Spot GPS Atlas Rate Level Direction Type SS HS WL  
Tiburon World Class All surfers Left Reef-rocky 9 1 4

United States of America

2 surf spots

Orange County

Surf Spot GPS Atlas Rate Level Direction Type SS HS WL  
Trestles World Class Experienced surfers Right and left Point-break 402 30 34

San Diego County

Surf Spot GPS Atlas Rate Level Direction Type SS HS WL  
Churches Point Regional Classic Experienced surfers Right and left Rivermouth 34

Surf Sessions

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  Date Surf spot Session's Rate Wind direction Waves height  
Show 20-08-2008 Tiburon Offshore Less than 1m / 3ft {TRIP_CELL}

Surf Trips

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  Surf trip title Begining date End date Sessions  
Show Vacation 20 August 2000 20 August 2000 0

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