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11 years ago
9 years ago
10 years ago

My Surf Profile

Shortboard / Thruster, Fish
Experienced (10-19 yrs)
Smackin the lip
Once or twice a week
Waipatiki, StingRay Bay, Tangoio, Westshore, Town Reef, Awatoto, Hamo, TA, Ocean Beach, Waimarama
South of Hawkes Bay Beach's.
Double Overhead
Left Pointbreak
Rondhouse Cutback
Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Occy

My Quiver

Fish Style
5- Bonzer
Global Industries ?
Brand New
7S, 5 Fin set up.
FCS, FK-2 or G3000
Use this board for small days when the points are breaking and also small beach break days, really good for those onshore fun days.
I surf it with a range of different fin set ups thruster, quad, and twin fin with the FCS FK-2 Keel fins.
Every session is super fun on this board.
3- Thrusther
Ray Finlay
6'2x 18 1/2
Still Sexy
Byning Spears, Fibre glass, Custom
rounded pin
FCS G3000
Had this board made to surf river mouth barrels and larger solid condions. Used it alot when I went to Bali and had super fun session at Shipwreaks solid 4ft
Porongahua solid 4ft beach break barrels super heavy.
3- Thrusther
Rodney Dalburg
6'5 18 1/2
Still Sexy
rounded pin
FCS M3000
Brought this board to take to Bali, did'nt use that much but had really good session on it at Middles.Will keep for next overseas surf mission.
Middles- Kuta Reef
Fish Style
2- Fish
5'9 x ?
Still Sexy
Wayne Parkes, Fibre Glass, 70s shortboard
rounded squash
Glass on beast
1970 something
This board was made for my Uncle in the 70s brought it off him and learnt to surf on it. Sold it and 10 years later tracked down the people that bought it off me. It currently sits in our home on display. I might take it out one day but it still looks brand new and is a collectors item.
Learning to surf on the Reef ant Westshore beach as a gromet

Personnal info

New Zealand
Stylin (25-29yrs)

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