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10 years ago
10 years ago
10 years ago

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Shortboard / Thruster, Fish, Bodyboard, Single / Retro
Experienced (10-19 yrs)
Regular Barrel King
Bermi and beyond
Rockwall, snobs, bears, camels, wallaga, bunga, anywhere with no crowds.
Right Pointbreak, Right Reef
Horseshoes when it was pumping, with my litlle cuz. Great day, no one out but us!
Held down for bloody ages at the pass, banged into the rock, dragged along the bottom. SHIT SCARED!!
Slaters and all my friends

Personnal info

Stylin (25-29yrs)

Surfed Spots

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2 surf spots

Far South

Surf Spot GPS Atlas Rate Level Direction Type SS HS WL  
Bears Beach Totally Epic Experienced surfers Right and left Reef-rocky 5 3 2
Horseshoes bay Normal Experienced surfers Left Beach-break 3 1

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